The Power Of Extreme Writing! Creating Eager And Fluent Writers

Students who write too slowly, and can’t “ideate” quickly fall further and further behind as subjects become more demanding. But…how do we enhance fluency and keep it engaging long enough to succeed? Extreme Writing is a totally new journaling program that works. “It’s fun! Can we do more?” Leave with a plan for the year, and a method of assessing student capacity. The brain loves novelty and this workshop includes 7 unique strategies to keep the program novel, with multiple ideas for each strategy, creating a year of refreshing unexpected choices for your grade 4-9 students.

Target Audience
Intermediate (e.g. 4-7)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Middle Years and Provincial Intermediate Teachers' Association (myPITA)



Diana Cruchley

Diana Cruchley is a well-known speaker and an author/educator.

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