FreshGrade In The Classroom

This session will focus on the role that FreshGrade can serve in the middle school classroom.  We have discovered ways to integrate the new curriculum and ePortfolios. Come see how students are demonstrating their connections to the new competencies. We will share reflection frameworks that have worked to encourage students to make meaning of their learning. Active participation and sharing will be encouraged at this session. Please bring a laptop.

Target Audience
Middle/Junior (e.g. 6-8, etc.)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Computer-Using Educators of BC (CUEBC)



James McConville

James McConville is a Classroom Teacher at Eagle Mountain Middle School, SD43 Coquitlam, and is a Past President of CUEBC.  He is a middle school teacher who has the luxury of teaching all subjects. He can often be found with a group of students in the forest exploring the natural environment and he uses technology to engage all students.

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