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Alien observers would be forgiven for thinking that students (and maybe also teachers) are surgically attached to their smartphones, tablets, fitness trackers etc.  These gadgets can certainly be a problematic distraction in the classroom.  But are there ways to use gadget-obsession for good, besides  Google research and fancy apps?  Come and try a cellphone microscope, amplify your favourite tunes with a sticky-note speaker, and project in 3-D with Pepper’s Ghost as we explore these and other surprising uses for handheld technology.

Target Audience
Secondary (e.g. 8-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Science Teachers' Association (BCScTA)



Sandy Eix

Sandy Eix is the Director of STEM Learning at Science World BC.

John Eix

John Eix is a retired teacher who now runs Eix Consulting Services.

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