Q-Focus: Teaching Students Higher Order Questioning Skills

In a traditional classroom, instruction and inquiry flow almost entirely in one direction - from the teacher to the student. Students are rewarded for having the right answer, not for asking good questions. A recent study indicated that the average pre-school child asks 100 questions per day. By the intermediate level, the number of questions asked approaches zero. Why is there such a drastic decrease in the frequency of important behaviour that seems to come naturally to most children when they’re very young? This powerful presentation outlines an amazingly simple five stage process that can be introduced to students at any grade level in a single session which shows them how to consistently ask higher order questions. Participants will be provided with access to an extensive digital library of teacher and student resources aligned to the Q-Focus (Question Focus) techniques.

Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Language of Instruction

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Superconference Program Subcommittee (Other)



Ian Jukes

Ian Jukes is the founder and Executive Director of the InfoSavvy Group, an international educational leadership consulting firm. Born in Victoria and raised in West Vancouver, he has been a classroom teacher in Delta and the Gulf Islands. He has taught at every grade from Kindergarten to Grade 12, and been a school administrator, a BCTF PD Associate, a provincial coordinator, a university instructor, a national and international consultant, and a keynote speaker. To date, he has worked with clients in more than 80 countries and has made more than 9,000 presentations. He has authored or co-authored 18 books and 9 educational series. His most recent publications are the award-winning Reinventing Learning For the Always-On Generation, Leadershift, Where IT Meets ET, Teaching the Digital Generation, Living on the Future Edge, Understanding the Digital Generation, and Literacy Is Not Enough. First and foremost, Ian is a passionate educator. From the beginning his focus has been on the compelling need to restructure our educational institutions so that they become more relevant to the current and future needs of the digital generations - and to help students prepare themselves for their future and not just our past. Ian can be reached at iajukes@me.com.

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