Teaching Empathy Through Arts Education

Creative expression is at once connecting and unifying while capable of expressing uniqueness and difference.  How can we express to students that they need to have compassion and empathy for one another?  Following a meditative awareness process, we will look at a simple, affordable, visual arts activity that enables us to see the unique way in which each of us respond to instruction.  The activity is accessible for people of diverse needs and abilities, and requires very little in the way of materials. The activity is a great prompt for beginning the discussion about creative expression, tolerance, and is an opportunity to begin to plant the seeds for an empathetic worldview to develop in our children.

Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Language of Instruction

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Superconference Program Subcommittee (Other)



Kahla Yzerman

Kahla Yzerman is a Fine Arts Explorations Teacher at HD Stafford Middle School, SD35 Langley.

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