Authentic Indigenous Resources

How do we determine what is authentic Indigenous content and how do we bring these rich resources into our classrooms?  This workshop is broken into three parts:
1. Deepening understandings of First Peoples, past, present and future. Please come with any big questions that you may have.
2. A walkthrough of how to determine authentic Indigenous content. Please come prepared to share a resource that you may be questioning.
3. New authentic resources will be highlighted and connected to core competencies and learning standards.
Join Terri Mack as she walks us through each of these key areas. 

Target Audience
Primary (e.g. K-3)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Aboriginal Education Association (AEA)



Terri Mack

Terri Mack is an owner and author at Strong Nations in Nanaimo, now considered to be one of the largest Indigenous book stores in North America.

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