Integrating Movement With Children's Literature

Learning, thought, creativity and intelligence are not processes of the brain alone, but of the whole body (Hannaford, 1995).  Let's get children moving actively using children's literature.  Veteran dance educator Dr. Cheryl Kay will share ways of working with children's books, including those focussing on residential schools, to get students expressing thoughts, questions and artistic ideas through movement.  Learn for the first time about, review or just work with the movement elements of space (place, pathways, levels, directions, size), time (rhythm, speed), body (balance, parts, relationship, shapes) and force (flow, energy, weight).  These simple but powerful concepts create a common language for all young movers to communicate their ideas about movement.  You do not have to be a trained "dancer" to participate in this session.  All teachers are welcome and should wear comfortable clothes to move around in.  This will be a lively but very inclusive session!

Target Audience
Elementary (e.g. K-7)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Dance Educators' Association (BCDEA)



Cheryl Kay

Cheryl Kay is a sessional instructor at Simon Fraser University, and is a teacher in SD41 Burnaby.

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