Integrating Nonfiction Picture Books Into Your Literacy Routines

Do you want to feature more nonfiction picture books in your classroom but aren't sure where to begin? This is a practical “how to” session on how to read more, celebrate more and use more nonfiction books in the primary classroom. Carrie will share ideas of how to bring more interactive and engaging nonfiction read-alouds into your weekly routines. How can a nonfiction picture book be a springboard for learning, wonder and discussion? How can you generate excitement about nonfiction reading? Recent favourite nonfiction texts covering a variety of themes and topics will be shared. This session is ideal for classroom and resource teachers working with students in Grades 1 to 3  who want to increase their students’ engagement with nonfiction texts.

Target Audience
Primary (e.g. K-3)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Superconference Program Subcommittee (Other)



Carrie Gelson

Carrie Gelson is a Teacher for SD39 Vancouver.

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