Using Online Courses To Flip Your Classroom

If you have access to online courses and can regularly meet with your students face-to-face, you know that you have a winning combination on your hands. This workshop will explain why secondary teachers should have all of their instructional materials online. It will demonstrate how computers can personalize content much more efficiently than classroom teachers can. Classroom time can then be used for what it does best—group work, student interaction and individual feedback on assignments when it is most effective: "While the cement is still wet", as the saying goes.

Target Audience
Secondary (e.g. 8-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Educators for Distributed Learning PSA (BCEDL)

To Bring/Important Notes

All participants will need to read the information on the webpage linked below. Watching the four short videos on this page is recommended but not required.




Nick Smith

Nick Smith is a Teacher for the Spider Program, SD46 Sunshine Coast.

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