Talking Tables: A Kindergarten Oral Language Development Program

The Talking Tables Kindergarten Program is rooted in the recognition that talk is central to learning and that through talking and listening, the capacity to gain literacy skills is enhanced.  The six theme-based units of the program blend together ideas gathered from second language methodology, early language interventions, phonological awareness, and practical knowledge of what interests and engages children.  Children are encouraged to play with language in a vareity of ways throughout the lessons.  All the activities are designed for a small group format that ensures plenty of takling practice for each child.  During the workshop participants experience first-hand the activity sequence that is at the core of the program and learn the key strategies to foster growth in these language areas.  The five strands of activities are: Chant; Auditory Activities; Vocabulary Activities, Phonological Activities; and Oral Fluency.  The Talking Tables Program has proved to be beneficial for a wide range of students including English as a Second Language learners and students who need more exposure to, and practise with the Standard English patterns and vocabulary.  We are happy to be celebrating our tenth anniversary this year and to continue supporting young learners across Western Canada.

Target Audience
Primary (e.g. K-3)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (BC TESOL)



Kristi Clifton

Kristi Clifton is a Literacy Coach who is one of the authors of the Talking Tables program.

Cathy McCubbin

Cathy McCubbin is also a Literacy Coach who is one of the authors of the Talking Tables program.

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