Kinesthetic Empathy Through Dance

How can we teach children, and each other, to "tune-in" as we move together? How do we come to understand how to shift our bodies in space while attuning to other(s)?  Kinesthetic empathy, as a way to invite one to dance in relationship, is the topic of this workshop. Explore how being-in-relation becomes the dance. Concepts found in Laban Movement Analysis and Somatic Dance Practice, around the notion of relationship and physical attuning, and how that can be applied to dance, are explored. This is an active class for all, dancers and non-dancers. Come prepared to move. 


Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Dance Educators' Association (BCDEA)

To Bring/Important Notes

Wear comfortable clothing and be prepared to move.



Donna Redlick

Donna Redlick is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and a Certified Movement Analyst in Laban/ Bartenieff Studies. She has over 25 years experience working as a dance artist and educator and is the founder of “Moving Arts & Somatic Studies”. Find out more at

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