Executive Functioning Strategies For Student Success

Have you heard "I don't have a pencil; I forgot it; I didn't finish..."? This workshop will introduce research-based strategies targeting essential executive functioning skills. The aim is to tap into executive functioning strategies to increase student participation in, and completion of, assignments. Participants will be shown how these strategies are currently being used in a reading acceleration program, in collaboration with classroom teachers, and with parents in helping their child be organized for school and home. Participants will learn how to personalize assignments starting with the end in mind, develop students’ awareness of time, and work through social difficulties. These successful strategies have been adapted from Sarah Ward and Kristen Jacobsen of Cognitive Connections.

Target Audience
Middle/Junior (e.g. 6-8, etc.)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Learning Assistance Teachers' Association (LATA)



Maureen Bencze

Maureen Bencze is a Middle School Learning Disabilities Reading Teacher working in the Central Okanagan. Her teaching career spans 20 years and has included working in elementary as a classroom teacher and learning assistance teacher, as well as developing a learning assistance center. Maureen has been a reading specialist for the past 11 years, and her passion is learning about and sharing executive functioning skills.

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