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Spuds in Tubs, Planting a Promise (Daffodils), Harvest Bin, and the School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program are just a few of the complimentary programs that BC Agriculture in the Classroom offers for teachers across the province. In this session you will learn how to bring learning to life and deepen student engagement using these programs. Preview activities and resources, and take part in a climate change demo lesson that can be used alongside the Spuds In Tubs program. Walk away with new ideas for how to promote the value of agriculture, sustainable food systems, and the protection of BC’s agriculture resource base to students.

Target Audience
Middle/Junior (e.g. 6-8, etc.)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Science Teachers' Association (BCScTA)



Glenda Johnston

Glenda Johnston is the Program Coordinator for Agriculture in the Classroom.

Emma Sweeney

Emma Sweeney is a Teacher for Agriculture in the Classroom.

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