GIS: Using Mapping To Change How Your Students View Agriculture

Maps aren’t just for the geography classroom anymore. Geographic information systems (GIS) is a proven method to help students gain 21st century technical skills across a variety of subject areas. It connects students with maps, data and apps, allowing them to manipulate, analyze, manage and present real-world data. In this session you will work with the Educational Specialist from BC Agriculture in the Classroom to explore GIS applications and how they can be used in your classroom to enhance understanding of the big ideas through the lenses of technology and agriculture. Explore a map of fish and food in BC and see how various layers can be added in order to engage your students in critical thinking about food security and sustainable agriculture. Discover the potential of Story Maps and how students can use this app to create virtual field trips exploring local food systems. Learn how to add layers so that students can analyze patterns (ex. Agriculture Land Reserve compared to the Paths of Migratory Birds).

Target Audience
Secondary (e.g. 8-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association (THESA)

To Bring/Important Notes

Please bring a tablet or laptop.



Karen Myskiw

 Karen Myskiw is an Education Specialist for BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation.

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