Environmental Science 11/12: An Essential Piece Of The New Curriculum Puzzle

Environmental science is an interdisciplinary applied science that integrates the physical, biological, and information sciences to study the environment and solutions to problems. With a local focus at Grade 11 and a global focus at Grade 12, these new courses have incorporated the sustainability concepts from the former Sustainable Resources 11/12 and the Sustainability of Ecosystems unit from the former Science 10 curriculum. This session will introduce participants to the new curriculum, a plethora of resources, and creative project ideas for the adaptive development and delivery of these new courses.

Target Audience
Secondary (e.g. 8-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Environmental Educators' PSA (EEPSA)



Michael Wolfe
Michael Wolfe is a Secondary Science Teacher at Matthew McNair Secondary School, SD38 Richmond.
Samsara Marriott

Samsara Marriott is the Youth Program Specialist at Science World BC.

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