The Truth Behind Computational Thinking: You're Already Doing It, Guaranteed!

Computational thinking is the foundational structure behind coding and is more frequently being regarded as a necessary skill for all students to develop regardless of whether they plan to study computer programming down the road. Computational thinking is a way of breaking down problems and looking for solutions that are geared towards efficiency and automation through algorithmic processes. This may sound complex but we guarantee you are already doing it in your classroom, even if you don't realize it yet! This session will break down the key aspects of computational thinking and show you real-world examples and connections to your existing curriculum that will help you shed new light on how what you are already doing in your classroom can relate to computer science.

This is an easy and relaxed, unplugged session geared towards all K-12 teachers with no prior experience necessary. No technology is required but a laptop may be of use to explore some of the resources mentioned during the presentation.

Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Computer-Using Educators of BC (CUEBC)



Jon Hamlin

Jon Hamlin is a Vice-Principal in SD61 Victoria and Past President of CUEBC.

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