Information Literacy (a.k.a. The "How To Teach Your Students To Not Plagiarize" Workshop)

Note taking?  Proper databases for research?  Bibliographies?  This workshop will cover everything you need to teach your students the process of proper research skills whether it be for inquiry projects, problem-based projects, or straight up research projects!  Learn about the CHoMP note-taking process, where to send your students (K-8) for information, and how teach your kids that bibliographies can be fun!  Yes they can!

Target Audience
Elementary (e.g. K-7)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
BC Teacher-Librarians' Association (BCTLA)



Tu Loan Trieu

Tu Loan Trieu is a Teacher-Librarian at Hillcrest Middle School, SD43 Coquitlam.

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