Beyond The Poster On The Wall: Authentically Integrating First Peoples’ Principles Of Learning Into Our Classrooms

The First Peoples Principles of Learning (FPPL) are making an impact on our education system, but we have only begun to understand how they can be used as a framework to support positive and effective teaching and learning in our schools, classrooms and communities.  Join us for a discussion about how we can take our individual and collective next steps in our own learning journeys to ensure a vital, responsive and equitable education experience for all our students.  We will explore such questions as:

  • What do our schools and classrooms look and sound like when they are grounded in the First Peoples Principles of Learning?
  • How can we use the FPPL as a framework for our practice?
  • What does it feel like for students? For families? For you as the teacher?

Participants will work collaboratively to understand and explore the FPPL in detail, and determine how these can be used in schools and classrooms to support learning that is personal, holistic, embedded in relationship, authentic, and relevant.

Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Language of Instruction

Sponsoring PSA
Superconference Program Subcommittee (Other)



Jo Chrona

Jo Chrona is the Curriculum Coordinator for FNESC (First Nations Education Steering Committee).

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