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3P Learning- Home of Mathletics

Looking for a powerful learning resource designed for Canadian students? We've got you covered. Targeted, adaptive and engaging content from Kindergarten to High School - designed to meet the requirements of the Provincial Curricula, with reporting and assessments to match. No-one does content that aligns with provincially created curricula like Mathletics.


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A WOK AROUND CHINATOWN is a Culinary and Cultural Walking Tour of the Vancouver Chinatown District.

The Tours are conducted for both teachers (i.e., Professional Development Days) & students (i.e., Outings & Field-Trips).

The purpose of A WOK AROUND CHINATOWN is to educate and entertain from a culinary and cultural approach.

A very unique way to have "Food for Thought".


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ABB Creations Ltd


Itchy's Alphabet  is a research-based program designed to introduce children to letter sounds, letter formations, beginning blending skills and basic sight words in a systematic and fun way, using a key word picture cue in the shape of the lower case letters.  Created by a retired BC Learning Assistance Teacher, it is highly effective, especially for our at-risk students.  Also available in French and Spanish.

Booth 223 Floor Plan

Adler University


Adler is now offering an exciting new School and Youth Concentration in our Masters of Counselling Psychology (non-thesis based) and Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (thesis based) Programs. This concentration gives students the knowledge, skills, and hands on experience to provide therapeutic services for children, teens, and their families. Students will leave the program with a solid foundation in counselling theories and methods and will be trained to be self-reflexive and self-aware clinicians.

Booth 500 Floor Plan

AEA - Aboriginal Education Association

Aboriginal Education Association Provincial Specialists Association 

Booth 304 Floor Plan

AIM Language Learning Inc.


AIM is a leader in language education, empowering students and teachers to successfully develop language proficiency.  Teachers know 'what' to do....  AIM provides the 'how'!  With AIM's focus on literacy, movement and creativity, students are engaged, supported, have fun and are confident risk takers.  AIM's goal is to ensure that sutdents with different learning styles develop authentic proficiency... with AIM, students CAN DO it!

Booth 626 Floor Plan

Alpha Technical Solutions


Lab equipment for science and technology, including teaching labs and research ones. Physics, Chemistry, Biology and teachnology laboratory equipment. 

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Animals in Science Policy Institute


We support teachers in making the switch from animal dissection to non-animal alternatives (e.g. virtual dissection, 4D models etc.). Non-animal alternatives have been shown to be great for student education, cheaper for schools and they offer safe, inclusive learning experiences for students. We offer guest classes, workshops, Pro-D information sessions, and free downloadable resources.

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The Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia (AnxietyBC™) is a non -profit organization established in 1999 by a group of concerned individuals, family members, and health professionals. The association’s mission is to promote awareness of anxiety disorders and support access to evidence-based resources and treatment.

AnxietyBC™ is a Canadian leader in developing online, self-help, and evidence-based resources on anxiety and anxiety disorders and promotes understanding about anxiety and anxiety disorders through general information sessions, professional seminars and workshops, offered throughout the year.  We are the developers of the free MindShift app which helps youth and young adults manage anxiety, using step-by-step strategies based on psychological treatment.

AnxietyBC is a member of the BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information and one of seven leading mental health and addictions non-profit agencies in British Columbia. BC Partners contribute and collaborate on the development of evidence-based resources and services related to mental health and addictions.




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APPIPC - Association provinciale des professeurs d'immersion et du programme francophone / FECB - Bureau des programmes et services en français

L’APPIPC a pour objectifs de promouvoir et d'améliorer tous les aspects de l'enseignement au programme d'immersion et au programme francophone en assurant la communication entre les éducateurs, en facilitant le partage d'idées et de matériel et en encourageant l'intégration de la langue française et de la culture à travers la province.

De son côté, le Bureau des programmes et des services français de la FECB a pour mandat de soutenir le corps enseignant en assurant la communication en français aux membres FLTP (français langue de travail ou français langue première), en favorisant l'implication des membres FLTP dans les questions professionnelles et d'intérêt public reliées à l'éducation du français langue première et seconde, en revendiquant des priorités FLTP lors des négociations provinciales et en appuyant le travail du Comité consultatif des programmes et services en français ainsi que celui du SEPF, de l'APPIPC et de la BCATML.

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Apprentissage Illimité


Learning products (books, games, kits, audio books, etc.) for children K-4 to learn French as a second language. 

Four novels with Métis heroes (including teacher's guides) for grades 5 to 9.

Learning material with with First Nations, Metis, Innuit content for grades 5 to 9

Booth 222 Floor Plan

Artists for Kids


Artists for Kids is a branch of the North Vancouver School District that offers art programming for students from K-12 after school, spring break and durring the summer. Programs are supported by the sale of limited edition prints from some of Canada's leading artists.

Booth 324 Floor Plan

Assemblée des Francophones Retraités et Aînés de la Colombie-Britannique


Programme Jumelage et Mentorat Intergénérationnel et Interculturel

Ce programme consiste à jumeler des aînés francophones de 50 and et plus (mentors) avec des enseignants et immersion française dont le français n'est pas leur langue première (mentorés) en les faisant participer à des activités ludiques à l'extérieur du cadre scolaire.  Les enseignants ont ainsi la possibilité d'améliorer leurs compétences linguistiques et/ou connaissances de la culture francophone. Quant aux personnes aînées, elles jouent un rôle d'ambassadrice de la culture francophone tout en partageant leur experience de vie en français.

Booth 800 Floor Plan

Association of Book Publishers of BC


The ABPBC works to support the long-term health and success of the Canadian-owned book industry in British Columbia. We produce resources for schools and libraries, including the BC Books for BC Schools, Canadian Indigenous Books for Schools and Canadian History Books for Schools catalogues, which feature titles selected and annotated by teacher-librarians. We also maintain BC Books Online, a database of BC-published titles. Come visit us to learn more about BC books and our Read Local BC campaign!

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Bard on the Beach


For more than a decade, Bard Education has collaborated with classroom teachers to bring Shakespeare’s language to life for their students.

As BC adopts a new curriculum, Bard Education is perfectly placed to support the development of both the core competencies and curricular competencies in Arts Education and English Language Arts for students of all ages.

Bard in the Classroom
Professional theatre artists visit schools throughout the region to lead active, participatory workshops in playing Shakespeare.

Student Group Bookings
Students and their teachers attend special performances at the festival at a deeply discounted ticket price.

Bard Unbound
In these professional development workshops, Bard shares strategies for incorporating active exploration of Shakespeare’s language into classroom teachers’ planning and practice.

Booth 1021 Floor Plan

Barkerville Historic Town & Park


Students and teachers alike can experience Barkerville’s history through the Barkerville School Program. We provide an engaging, hands-on approach to British Columbia’s gold rush history. Our educational programs, daily activities, and historic displays provide a tangible link to life as it was lived when Billy Barker’s mine was in full swing. It is an experience that young people won’t soon forget. School groups can visit Barkerville for the day, or stay overnight and experience several enriched days of interactive B.C. history.

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BC Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation


BC Agriculture in the Clasroom Foundation works with educators to bring BC's agriculture to BC students. We develop and maintain quality resources and agricultural programs for schools along with teachers, farmers industry associations and government. Some of our programs include the BC School Fruit and Vegetable Nutruitional Program + Milk, Spuds in Tubs, Planting a Promise Daffodils, Take a Bite of BC for Culinary Arts kitchens, The Pencil Patch Garden for Learning and the Harvest Bin Project. Through our Foundation, we collaborate with agriculture specialists and teachers to build programs and lessons that are linked into the current BC school curriculum. The resources are provided complimentary to teachers and translate easily into a classroom setting.

Booth 620 Floor Plan

BC Association of Physics Teachers


BCAPT has members who teach physics in a variety of settings from elementary schools to universities. We strive to improve and promote physics education in B.C. BCAPT is the BC section of the American Association of Physics Teachers.

Booth 1003 Floor Plan

BC Children's Hospital / Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre


The Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre is a provincial resource centre that provides mental health and substance use information, resources, and peer support to children, youth and their families from across BC. We also provide peer support to people of all ages with eating disorders. All of our services are free of charge, and you can reach us over the phone, in person, or through email.

We offer:

  • Information and resources on a wide range of mental health and substance use issues affecting children and youth
  • Peer support from youth and parent peer support workers, who all have lived experience with mental health challenges, either themselves or in their families
  • Resources and peer support for individuals of any age with an eating disorder or a disordered eating concern
  • Options for support and treatment in BC
  • Help navigating the mental health system
  • Free education events for parents, as well as school and health professionals, including the Pinwheel Education Series
  • An online catalogue with a variety of materials available to order or download for use in your communications within your organizations, schools, newsletters, or communities.
  • Tips for self-help and prevention

Information, help, and peer support are provided by staff, parent and youth peer support workers who work at the Kelty Centre through a partnership with FamilySmart™ (Parents in Residence and Youth in Residence).

We are also in the process of redeveloping the mindcheck.ca website and it should be ready for this conference!

Booth 1202 Floor Plan

BC Council for Exceptional Children (BCCEC)


BC CEC is a volunteer group of educators, parents and support workers who are interested in promoting good educational practices for students with exceptionalities.

We are dedicated to advocating and improving education for students with identified learning challenges. This is our mission; this is our challenge! We support our students by providing you with resources, research, networking, and opportunities to renew and refresh your professional knowledge. Since 2001, BC CEC has celebrated and honoured the accomplishments of our students through our Provincial Yes I Can! Awards Program.

Please consider joining BC CEC, a professional organization for YOU as well as your students!  Please remember to visit our site often as we are working to keep this website up to date.

Booth 319 Floor Plan

BC Dairy Association


BC Dairy Association’s nutrition education programs and materials are designed to help make healthy eating achievable for all. Designed by registered dietitians with expertise in education, it’s no surprise that these materials really work to help people eat well. Our nutrition education programs for the K-12 years make it easy to teach nutrition using BC’s new curriculum. Teachers everywhere in BC can participate in professional development sessions to get colourful materials and great ideas for making nutrition come alive in the classroom.

Booth 1200 Floor Plan

BC Doctors of Optometry


About BCDO

BC Doctors of Optometry (BCDO) is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public on the importance of eye health and safety for people of all ages. Through our strong community of doctors of optometry and optometric staff, BCDO works to position optometrists as the primary eye care providers in BC and is the vigilant voice on issues affecting the eye health of all British Columbians.

Children's Vision and Learning

Helping improve children's vision has always been a cornerstone of our values. The link between good vision health and learning is crucial towards the academic and developmental success during a child's early learning years. Despite this, statistics show that 1 in 4 school-age children has an undetected vision problem. Vision problems are often mistaken as other developmental problems such as dyslexia and ADHD.

What BCDO can offer

In collaboration with 20 school districts across BC, the Eye See … Eye Learn® (ESEL) program provides kindergarten students with free comprehensive eye exams, and if prescribed, one free pair of eyeglasses.

Teachers and educators plays an important role in the program by educating the child or the child's parents on the importance of healthy vision and by providing ESEL resources to parents and guardians. Through the program, parents and teachers work together to ensure that every child entering kindergarten can see and learn to the best of their ability.

During the PSA Super Conference, we would like to raise awareness of the ESEL program to teachers and educators by providing free hand-outs, activities, and resources. We will also have our doctors of optometry present to answer any vision health questions that attendees may have. Information on our pre-school vision program, abSee, will also be present.




Booth 1019 Floor Plan

BC Heritage Fairs Society


The BC Heritage Fairs Society promotes Heritage Fairs and the project approach to learning based on the inquiry method that is central to the new curriculum. Our program supports development of core competencies such as significance and evidence; creative and critical thinking as well as positive personal and cultural identity. Heritage Fairs nurture curiosity and passion about history by allowing students to choose a topic to explore and present their findings to an authentic audience that may include a group of their peers, interviewing judges and the general public.

Booth 908 Floor Plan

BC Hydro


At BC Hydro, we believe that students can power real change.  That's why, for over 10 years, we've provided educators with high quality class resources that educate and empower students to take action on energy use within their schools, homes and communities. 

With recent exciting changes to the education system and growing access to technology, we took the opportunity to completely transform and expand our offering of resources, lesson plans and activities that cover key topics of safety, conservation and science education.  

The newly launched Power Smart for Schools is an innovative learning platform that is directly linked to the new curriculum, leverages today’s technology and makes it easy for teachers to access. Up-to-date, customizable online content is uniquely created to inspire teachers and students around the province to learn about electricity through fun, hands-on and engaging classroom resources. 

Booth 118 Floor Plan

BC Online School


We are a cross-enrolled school that runs acsyncrochonously all year.

Booth 1026 Floor Plan

BC Original Minds Association


Destination Imagination is a leader in project-based learning opportunities that blend STEM education with the Arts and social entrepreneurship. Each year six academic challenges are created designed to help students improve in creative and critical thinking, build on their unique strengths, learn how to design and manage a project and learn the creative process.  Destination Imagination offers the Team Challenge Program materials free of charge to schools in BC.  

Booth 1005 Floor Plan

BC Partners for Mental Health and Addictions Information (heretohelp)


Aims to increase the public's mental health literacy in order to reduce stigma and to make early recognition and appropriate intervention more likely. Works to provide access to quality information on mental health, mental disorders, and substance use problems and disorders. Helps to provide individuals with knowledge, attitudes, and skills for management of their own disorder (self-management) or that of someone close to them. Comprised of seven member agencies: Anxiety Disorders Association of BC, BC Schizophrenia Society, Canadian Mental Health Association - BC Division, Centre for Addictions Research of BC, Family Services of the North Shore, FORCE Society for Kids' Mental Health Care, and Mood Disorders Association of BC.

Booth 1122 Floor Plan

BC Primary Teachers' Association


Celebrate 60 years of service to our members as a PSA

Upcoming Events:


Educational Marketplace - April 14, 2018 at Tradex , Abootsford

BCPTA Fall Conference - October 19, 2018 at the Sheraton , Richmond

Booth 210 Floor Plan



We offer lessons around animal care, and animal issues. We focus on critical thinking skills and empathy. Presentations for many of the units are available in areas around the province.

Booth 221 Floor Plan

BCATA - BC Art Teachers' Association


BC Art Teachers’ Association, an organization dedicated to supporting and promoting quality art education in BC.  We are a provincial specialist association of the BC Teachers’ Federation.


Booth 1205 Floor Plan

BCATML (BC Assoc. of Teachers of Modern Languages) & CASLT (CDN. Assoc. of Second Language Teachers)


BCATML is a provincial specialist association of the BCTF that promotes and advances the teaching of modern languages throughout BC. We represent over 500 teachers of French, German, Japanese, Mandarin, Punjabi, Spanish, as well as other languages at both the elementary and secondary levels. We communicate to members information related to modern language instruction and provide recommendations and advice on matters affecting language teaching.


CASLT is a national association dedicated to supporting second language teachers of both official and international languages.  CASLT fosters and advances professional excellence in the teaching of languages in Canada. It supports its members by promoting the advancement of language learning and teaching throughout Canada, by creating opportunities for professional development, by initiating and disseminating research, and by facilitating the exchange of information and ideas among language educators.

Booth 427 Floor Plan

BCCDC/Public Health Association of BC


We have built a new website called "BoosterU" aimed at educating grade eight science and grade six social studies students about the immune system, vaccination, disease transmission and the role that NGOs play in global health. This school project is based on something called I Booster Immunity (www.iboostimmunity.com), which is a quiz based site that educates the public about these same topics. The way the site works is that for every quiz question a user answers correctly we donate one vaccine to UNICEF Canada.    

A pilot for BoosterU ran in nine BC schools at the end of April 2017 for grades 5-8 and was very well received with children answering nearly 100,000 quiz questions about science and global health while earning 60,000 vaccines for UNICEF. Based on this we are planning a BC-wide roll out of the platform in the fall of 2017. 


Booth 1025 Floor Plan

BCCLA - BC Co-operative Learning Association


The BC Cooperative Learning PSA is pleased to team up with inquiryadventures.com to offer a range of educational materials for teachers looking to infuse SEL and Core Compentencies into instructional strategies. Amazing resources for K-12. Stop by and see us!

Booth 417 Floor Plan

BCDEA - BC Dance Educators' Association


The BC Dance Educators’ Association is an association of teachers dedicated to supporting and promoting quality dance education for all British Columbia students. It is a PSA (provincial specialist association) of the BC Teachers' Federation. The association provides a network for dance educators at the Primary, Intermediate and Secondary levels, and provides opportunities for professional development, collaboration, awards, and grants. As a BCDEA member, you will join a network of K-12 dance educators in BC to share ideas and information, apply for teacher grants and/or student scholarships, as well as receive our newsletter.

Booth 921 Floor Plan

BCTEA Educational Robotics Display


Educational robotics is an exciting way to engage the school community in technology, business and teamwork. Whether you're interested in building robots with elementary students, or engaging in international competition with secondary students, there is a platform that is right for you and your students. Don't forget to check out the "Building Kids by Building Robots" presentation for more ideas on why there is a robot that's right for your students!


Booth 700 Floor Plan

BCTESOL - BC Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages

We are the Provincial Specialists Association for ELL and EAL Educators across British Columbia.  We wish to improve the quality of ESL/D education in B.C. In addition, we would like to promote a grater awareness of ESL/D and the needs of English language learners (ELLs) and ELL educators. We also would like to stimulate improvement and quality ESL/D education throughout the province.

Booth 208 Floor Plan

Be The Change Earth Alliance


Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Canadian charitable organization that empowers behavioural and systemic change toward global sustainability through education. Founded in 2005, we support environmental, social, and personal behaviour changes in community, the workplace, and in schools through innovative sustainability education and citizen engagement programs. We empower people of all ages to support and inspire one another in adopting sustainable lifestyles and creating healthy, thriving communities. 

Our Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program provides innovative cross-curricular materials for Blended, Distance and French immersion middle and high school classes. We also offer assemblies, workshops, and district support for sustainability initiatives. 

Our Community program provides interactive sustainability workshops and Action Guides for youth and adults to bring real change into their lives and communities.

Our Waste Reduction programs such as Zero Waste Workshops and Waste Watchers engage students in local zero waste solutions through hands-on education and research that empowers personal and school-wide projects. In partnership with the City of Vancouver, BTCEA is offering Zero Waste workshops to grade 9 classes in Vancouver schools. The workshop connects the waste challenges we face locally and globally to zero waste initiatives and worldviews,  supporting individual action and the 'greening' of Vancouver schools.

Booth 226 Floor Plan



Belairdirect is the preferred supplier of home and travel insurance for BCTF members.

Members are eligible for:

•A special offer on home, condo and tenant insurance including enhanced coverage for no additional cost

•A competitive travel insurance product which provides emergency coverage when you're travelling outside of British Columbia

Signing up is easy to do. For home insurance, call 1.844.357.1969 and mention you’re a BCTF member to get this exclusive offer. It’s that simple!

For travel insurance, you can also call belairdirect at 1.844.357.1969 or go online to www.bctfadvantage.com for convenient and easy online access.


Booth 607 Floor Plan

Ben Minuk & Associates (representing Oxford University Press, Rubicon Publishing, RK Publishing, and Wave Learning Solutions)

Literacy resources including Oxford Reading Tree (one of the most popular literacy resources in the world) and Engage Literacy (both fiction and nonfiction).

French resources including Club Mystère for Core French and the new Je Lis! for Immersion (including online).

Professional resources including Open Questions for Rich Math Lessons by Dr. Marian Small (and the eqivalent French versions) and the ThinQ series about Inquiry-based learning.

First Nations resources like First Nations and Early Explorers (part of the "Canada Through Time" books) and Proud to Be Métis (multilingual).

Inclusive resources like "I Can Dance" which explores everyday life through inclusive dance whose writer/speaker has been invited to speak all across Canada including Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby.

Canadian Biographies, Canadian Symbols, Canada Timeline resources.

And more...


Booth 614 Floor Plan

Bio-Rad Laboratories (Canada) Ltd


When You ThINQ! You Learn! Introducing our new ThINQ! Inquiry Investigations for AP Biology — a new and flexible way to bring inquiry to your classroom. Developed in collaboration with master AP biology teachers, ThINQ! Investigation Kits allow your students to pursue structured, guided, and open inquiry — all in one box! These new kits contain all the essential resources and instructions needed to successfully guide your students through inquiry-based labs and make them think like real scientists.

Booth 1115 Floor Plan

Box Cars and One-Eyed Jacks


Math game books and manipulatives - over 60 types of dice, cards, dominoes, literacy game books and manipulatives, new kindergarten resources, all tied to curriculum.

Booth 920 Floor Plan

Brault and Bouthillier


Since 1944, Brault & Bouthillier has contributed to the learning and global development of children by providing a fun and educational collection of quality products and by offering training and consulting services to educators and parents who wish to see children achieve their full potential. Our experienced team of specialists and representatives and our customer service team attend to the entire country with sales offices in Quebec, Ontario, the Maritimes, BC and Alberta.

We will be focusing on Lego Education Robotics and resources to support STEAM instruction 

Booth 227 Floor Plan

British Columbia Teachers' Federation


The BCTF exhibit will offer a free draw for a framed canvas print of the Federation's 100th commemorative mural. Lots of valuable information on TeachBC, BCTF workshops, PD opportunities and more. Drop by and meet staff who are proud to work on your behalf.

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Booth 318 Floor Plan

Canadian Celiac Association - Vancouver Chapter


We offer information to teachers about Celiac Disease, the symptoms and treatment and why a student with Celiac Disease needs a teacher's support and understanding. We offer suggestions on how teachers can help students cope in the classroom.

Booth 316 Floor Plan

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education [CFEE]


CFEE and our talkwithourkidsaboutmoney initiative offers teachers free resources, lesson plans, and support material around Financial Literacy for kids.    Have a look at CFEE's "GLOBE AND MAIL Classroom Edition", or download your free PDF Copy of CFEE's Money & YOUTH book, or login for free lesson plans to support students learning about financial literacy topics like spending, investing, entrepreneurship, career exploration, renting vs. buying an apartment, saving for university or college, or borrowing money or using credit. 

Booth 1007 Floor Plan

Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division


Facilitates access to the resources people require to maintain and improve mental health and community integration, and provides support in recovery from mental illness, substance use, and addictive behaviour. Promotes inclusion, advocacy, and research. Also provides consultation to CMHA branches and to other groups involved in community-based programs for people with a mental illness. 

Booth 522 Floor Plan

Canadian Network for Ocean Education (CaNOE)


CaNOE, a diverse, pan-Canadian network, advances ocean literacy. Ocean literacy, simply put, is an understanding of how the ocean influences us and how we influence the ocean. The ocean is the defining feature of our planet, our life support system and the cradle of life. It is closely linked to health, climate, culture and economy. Invite this big blue elephant to be part of your conversation, learning and teaching. We leave the ocean out of our classrooms at our peril. We are all ocean people. Celebrate the blue in blue planet.

Booth 205 Floor Plan

Canadian Red Cross Respect Education


Red Cross offers a series of award-winning educational programs for students in K–Grade 12 designed to provide schools, educators and youth-serving organizations with the programs and tools to help prevent violence and promote safe environments. Programs offer children and youth the knowledge and skills to identify and develop healthy relationships and to know when and where to get help.

Red Cross Respect Education programs are actively delivered in over 750 schools across Canada—reaching over 750,000 children, youth and adults every year.

Booth 115 Floor Plan

Capilano University


We offer a two year, intensive Diploma in Costuming for all the entertainment arts including Drama, Musical Theatre, Dance, Film Arts of Visual and Special Effects, Music, and Commercials. 

Given a strong foundation in Costume History, Management, Garment Cutting and Construction Skills, Textiles for Costumes, and Elements of Design, students also gain practice in a hands-on setting working with our large theatre and film schools.  In small classes, in our purpose-built facilities, in the Bosa Centre at Capilano U, expert professionals work closely with students as they learn basics and then expand into specialty skills such as corsetry, millinery, mask making, silk painting, and more.

Visit our wonderful exhibition at the conference: see slides and samples of student work on stage and screen productions, artifacts from term projects and the graduate showcase, and speak with one of our instructors about the opportunities for your students, both in their secondary school setting and for their future education.


Booth 100 Floor Plan

Chartered Professional Accountants of BC


As the only professional accounting designation in Canada, CPABC offers the opportunity to high school students to learn more about accounting careers and what it takes to become a PRO. Our team facilitates classroom presentations about accounting careers, provides students with access to our events (university fairs, panel discussions, COIN Competition...etc.), and other career-related opportunities.

Booth 102 Floor Plan

ChatterHigh Communications Inc


ChatterHigh is a free, fun, bilingual 10 minute daily quiz that gamifies exploration of post-secondary, career and labour market information, as well as financial and health literacy resources.  Career Educators across BC integrate this pre-inquiry activity as a bell exercise and a perfect compliment to post-inquiry tools such as Career Cruising or myBluePrint.  

ChatterHigh runs competitions such as Canada's Most Informed School Competition happening this November as part of Canada Career Month, where schools raise funds by exploring.  Students also are earning scholarships through the activity!

This is a positive way to start your class and get students actively exploring post-secondary websites as well as provincial resources such as WorkBC, WorkSafeBC, ITA, Discover Skills BC and national resources such as RealTalk, CanLearn, Red Cross, Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and many other resources and sources of information.

Booth 524 Floor Plan

Cheakamus Centre


At Cheakamus Centre, we are committed to providing excellence in teaching and learning in, for, and about nature. Building on the legacy of the Outdoor School program, our programs use a range of outdoor spaces on the 165 ha ecological reserve to facilitate experiential learning for students from Grades 3 through 12. These experiences take place on extensive teaching trails, in forest shelters and alongside spawning channels and ponds. Additionally, we have special resource classrooms, amphitheaters, breakout spaces and an authentic Coast Salish Bighouse.

All of our educational programs are tied to the new BC curriculum, ensuring that time spent outdoors supports learning objectives and core competencies. Our instructional team has developed a set of guiding principles or themes providing a framework that informs our program design and development. The info-graphic illustrates these principles and how they support and enhance curriculum connections.

As educators, we believe that a place-based approach promotes engagement and achievement through hands-on experiences in nature. We invite you and your students to find meaningful and engaging learning connections while exploring our ecological reserve. 

Booth 206 Floor Plan

Children of the Street Society


Children of the Street Society is a provincial society and federal charity dedicated to preventing the sexual exploitation and human trafficking of children and youth in British Columbia through education strategies, public awareness initiatives, and family support since 1995.

We offer prevention education programs for youth in grades 4-12 in all settings (mainstream, alternative, after-school, drop-in, etc.). We also offer education for all adult audiences, as well as parent support to victims of sexual exploitation.

Our programs range from prevention (TCO²), to intervention for youth caught sexting or image sharing as well as high-rish youth expressing themselves creatively and safely through social justice art (YAEP).

Booth 311 Floor Plan



ChouetteBooks travaille en collaboration avec La Librairie Gallimard de Montréal pour fournir des livres en français de très grande qualité aux écoles. Venez voir notre grande sélection de livres encourageant la lecture, sur les concepts mathématiques, la justice sociale, les contes détournés, les livres sans textes, etc. Des romans pour l’intermédiaire et le secondaire seront également disponibles.

ChouetteBooks works in partnership with La Librairie Gallimard in Montréal to provide high quality books in French to schools. Come and see our wide selection of books to encourage reading or about math concepts, social justice, twisted fairy tales, books without texts, etc. Novels for intermediate and secondary students will also be available.

Booth 127 Floor Plan

City University of Seattle in Canada


City University Canada offers a fully-classroom based Master of Education in School Counselling. The classes are held on Saturdays to fit into teachers' schedules. Classes are held in conjunction with school districts in several locations throughout Vancouver, the Lower Mainland and Greater Victoria. We also offer a post-graduate Certificate in Applied School Counselling for school counsellors who wish to obtain R.C.C. with the B.C. Association of Clinical Counsellors. CityU also offers a MEd in Educational Leadership, also classroom-based Saturday deliver. Visit our table at the Super Conference and our website at www.cityuniversity.ca for more information. 

Booth 125 Floor Plan

City University of Seattle, Vancouver--M.Ed. Leadership in Education program


We offer a Master's of Education program in educational leadership. This program is very broad in scope, where 'leadership' is not necessarily equated with 'administration,' so the program can appeal to a wide range of teachers. Our core focus is on 'relational leadership': the relational capacities that allow us to develop strong, nurturing, caring learning environments. Aside from courses on leadership and administration, the program includes courses on curriculum, pedagogy, and instruction; educational technology, working with diverse cultures, introduction to school counselling. The program is based on a cohort model with small class sizes, so students study together for the duration of the two-year program.

Booth 320 Floor Plan

Classy Threads


We design, create and deliver quality hand and machine sewing kits to teachers, students and individuals across Canada, we elevate the enthusiasm of sewing.  If you teach sewing or are learning to sew, we can help with our great array of fun filled and practical projects.  We provide complete sewing kits to the sewing enthusiast with high quality, tried and tested patterns, materials and notions.  We look forward to meeting you and being of service to you and your students.  Serving Canadian School since 1986.

Booth 526 Floor Plan

Clayoquot Biosphere Trust / West Coast NEST


Welcome to the ultimate outdoor classroom, an extraordinary opportunity to help give young people the foundation for a lifelong journey of discovery and learning! If you are looking for an amazing and unique outdoor academic experience for your students, look no further. It’s all here: ecology, Indigenous culture, environmental and social awareness, history, language, and outdoor education, all in one of the last great rainforests on the planet. Contact West Coast NEST to book your custom learning experience.

We are a collective of communities on the west coast of Vancouver Island, committed to sharing knowledge, building a stronger understanding together, and strengthening our foundation for the future—for resilient, sustainable communities.

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Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP), University of British Columbia


The Collaborative for Advanced Landscape Planning (CALP), a research team at UBC, is applying innovative science-based visual tools to improve understanding of human perceptions towards climate change and to help the public and experts visualize and explore alternative futures for our countryside, forests, and communities.

We recently developed a beta-videogame in partnership with the Delta School District – Future Delta 2.0 (FD2), which is a place-based educational videogame on climate change, co-designed and tested with teachers and students in Delta. FD2 enables real-life exploration of your neighbourhood and promotes learning of climate change causes and impacts, while interacting with your neighbors to find sustainable alternative solutions for your community. Please visit www.futuredelta2.ca for more information and to download the videogame for free. 

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Creative Problem Solving Society & Odyssey of the Mind BC


CPSS organizes teacher workshops and "Creativity to Go" - in-school field trips featuring creative problem solving and hands-on design thinking and innnovation activities. We will also come to your school or district with a half-day program called "Spontaneous Combustion" involving team challenges. 
CPSS is also the proud sponsor of the "Odyssey of the Mind" Program in B.C.

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Creative Problem Solving Society/Odyssey of the Mind


Creative Problem Solving Society is proud sponsor of Odyssey of the Mind Program in B.C.  We also provide  workshops and "Creativity to Go" in school field trips featuring hands-on design thinking and innnovation activities.

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Creative Track Inc


We have some fantastic, fresh and flexible games and tools to teach and activate creative and critical thinking - two of the core competencies in B.C.'s new curriculum. Great for individual learning but even better for collaborative learning and co-creation! These aren’t just for the little ones; our games and tools are especially excellent for senior students.

Raised by an amazing (now retired) BC teacher, sisters Tamara and Shawna Eberle operate a professional group facilitation consultancy. Our team works all over the world and specializes in designing processes for strategy, innovation and creative problem solving, as well as designing a set of award-winning games and process tools for creative and critical thinking.



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Crisis Centre of BC


We provide suicide prevention capacity building training programs for educators and those who work with youth including safeTALK, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) and Mindfulness Self-Care.  Additionally, we provide youth wellness workshops for classrooms including mindfulness, self-care and suicide awareness.  We operate www.YouthInBC.com, an online crisis chat service for youth in distress.

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CrossCan Educational Service


CrossCan Educational Services is a Canadian-owned and operated sales agency for K-12

products founded in 2012. Our diverse product lines include nonfiction and fiction library editions, paperbacks, and digital products from educational and children's publishers from around the world. We pride ourselves on our outstanding

selection, innovative service (including our exclusive Virtual Showroom), and great prices.


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CSEG Foundation


The CSEG Foundation and our enthusiastic volunteers attend over 20 career fairs across Canada. We talk with students, teachers and the public about geophysics. We share the science of geophysics using PowerPoint presentations, interactive seismic displays and other teaching aids. Volunteers also respond to requests from schools for numerous in-school presentations. Stop by our booth and grab some great teacher resources.

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Dancing with Life- DANCEPL3Y School Program Provider


Welcome to DANCING with Life, located in Vancouver, BC, Canada. We provide DANCEPL3Y (www.dancepl3y.com) School Curriculum Programs to schools in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. 


During DANCEPL3Y curriculum-based school workshops, students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 can claim their Bubble of Awesome as they learn simple moves from a mix of dance styles (Hip Hop, Bollywood, Urban/Street, Jazz, African) and get interACTIVE with their peers through a play-based learning experience!

DANCEPL3Y school workshops have received international accolades for their positive impact on school climate, mental health and self-esteem as students learn and live the 3 Rules of PL3Y: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself.

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Davies and Johnson Associates


Adapted Learning Resources for Elementary and High School students.  Adapted curriculum for Science, Social Studies, Mathematics, Language Arts and Novel Studies.  Units available in PDF and Print formats.  Our resources are affordable and save valuable preparation time for teachers.

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Directorate of Agencies for School Health (DASH) BC


The Directorate of Agencies for School Health (DASH BC) is a not-for-profit society committed to promoting, supporting and facilitating the creation of healthy schools in BC.

We are committed to making a significant contribution toward positively influencing the health and learning capacity of students in British Columbia. The key premise of a healthy school is that healthier students learn better and that better educated students are healthier.

DASH BC’s Programs & Initiatives

  1. Healthy Schools BC, a key initiative of the Healthy Families BC (HFBC) strategy, builds the capacity of the health and education sectors to effectively implement healthy schools initiatives using a Comprehensive School Health approach.

  2. Action Schools! BC is a free provincial program available to all elementary schools (K-7) in British Columbia. With an emphasis on healthy eating and physical activity and a connection to mental well-being, the program is designed to promote healthy practices and create healthy learners. 

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Discover Canada Student Adventures


DC Student Adventures specializes in group tours and activities for Secondary and Elementary School Students. Teachers and parents are busy people, which is why our student travel process is seamless and comprehensive. Utilize our expertise when choosing a destination and creating an educational experience for your school group; tour planning and delivery is our specialty. All the details are managed by us so that you can focus on enjoying your trip. As a locally based organization  (Vancouver, BC), it is easy to meet in person to discuss itinerary and activity details. In order to help get the students and parents on-board, we help with information sessions and power-point presentations at your school. We are also happy to answer any questions or concerns that students and parents may have.

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Discovery Toys


For almost 40 years Discovery Toys has been a trusted source of high quality, long lasting and best loved learning resources.  As a consultant, I pride myself on knowing how our products enhance the teaching of our kids through hands-on play.  We have center toys, books, games, manipulatives and maker space products for all developmental levels right up to teens and an inclusive perspective on special abilities.  Discounts available for $100+ orders.  Requests for products to be picked up at the conference taken until Oct. 1 Come and play at our booth!

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Matériel parascolaire pour le primaire et le secondaire en français et mathématiques.  Matériel de Français langue seconde ainsi que la littérature

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Eaglecrest Books


Eaglecrest Books specializes in early literacy books that feature First Nations children. These books encourage understanding, respect and interest among all students. Most titles are available in both English and French.

Eaglecrest Books have been carefully leveled to help support early literacy learners become strategic, fluent, independent readers. The text in each book is supported by beautiful photographs that encourage language development and help motivate children to read.

Eaglecrest Books has recently released its new Math Literacy Kit. The 25 titles in this kit provide children with real life stories that illustrate the role that Math plays in the world around us.

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Online registration and event management for conferences, conventions, workshops, and PD Days. Ticket sales for school events like drama productions, reunions, etc.

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EBSCO provides discovery services, online research content (databases, archives, e-books, e-journals & e-packages) and subscription management services for all types of libraries. For more information, visit the EBSCO website at: www.ebsco.com. EBSCO Information Services is a division of EBSCO Industries Inc., a family owned company since 1944.

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Editions de l'Envolée


Editions de l'Envolee and Editions « A Reproduire » specialize in edition and the distribution of teaching materials. Our catalogue is composed mainly of complementary material developed by teachers or those with teaching skills.

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Edu-Best Educational Resources


Explorer Guide to Novels - promoting Individualized Reading as well as Individualized Instruction. Each Explorer Guide consists of Four Novels to Study in depth , all approved by Alberta Education. Includes notes on the Novel; alignment to Alberta Education Outcomes; Assessments and Assignments with detailed explanations and rubrics. Junior High and High School levels.

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Ultimate Poetry Package Junior High and Ultimate Poetry Package High School– making teaching and learning of poetry enjoyable and impactful. A portfolio approach to teaching poetry including style features of poetry; comparison of prose and poetry; complete descriptions of common poetry types; literacy strategies; and student centred activities. 

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3. Reading Comprehension Assessment Success - practice to understand and learn the assessment skills required for students to improve their reading comprehension assessment performance. Student guides available for grades 3 to grade 12. Each book consists of passages and hundreds of questions specific to the grade level; a First Step Self Test to determine which specific skill areas require improvement; and sets of practice questions categorized into specific skill areas. There are 10 guides available. 

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We offer various workshops, which can be tailored to your school’s specific needs.

1. Improving Reading Comprehension Performance -  Unpacking the skills required to improve success on reading comprehension assessments

2. 30 day Edu-Best Reading Challenge – inspire reading of all genres by creating a challenge the whole school plays a part in.

3.  Year -End Assessment Preparation - Preparing your students for the writing portions of their year-end assessments.

4. Individualized Novel Studies and Literary Circles – Make them successful learning experiences.



To date, Castle Rock Research’s most ambitious educational undertaking is SOLARO – Student Oriented Learning, Assessment, and Reporting Online. SOLARO is a learning resource for Math, Science, and English Language Arts that is accessible online and on mobile devices. Castle Rock has launched SOLARO for all 26 courses identified by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Mathematics across grades three to twelve. SOLARO provides age appropriate, standards-aligned educational content consisting of lessons, activities, practice exercises, quizzes, and detailed solutions. Content, in the form of text, graphics, or multimedia (including audio, video, and animation), is available 24 hours a day in a well-organized, searchable, and highly engaging system. SOLARO is designed to respond to the needs of the three major stakeholders in education: students, parents, and teachers. For more information on SOLARO or to view a demonstration, please visit: https://app.solaro.com 


The SOLARO Project video is found at: SOLARO Project



Students can use SOLARO to study independently, complete assigned homework, create notes and flashcards, take practice tests, participate in academic discussions, view progress reports, review their achievements, and earn rewards through a built-in incentive program. Work that has been assigned to students as homework is accessible from any networked computer. In addition to complete access to all content on their desktop or laptop computer, students will also have the same functionality on Android, iOS, and Windows 8.1 based tablets and phones. SOLARO provides a secure and guided online environment for students as they study course content, work on exercises, and take assessments.



The SOLARO teacher interface makes it easy to manage a full suite of classes and students. The assignment generator feature in SOLARO allows instructors to assemble customized assignments using content from various course topics, chapters, and even individual lessons, all linked back to the relevant standards. These assignments may be provided to students digitally or in print. Immediate scoring and reporting enables teachers to track performance and helps them to determine where further instruction or remediation may be needed at the individual or class level.


In addition to the rich repository of content available in SOLARO that has been developed exclusively by Castle Rock Research’s team of curriculum experts, instructional designers, editors, graphic artists, and technologists, the customizable media library in SOLARO allows teachers to inject their own materials or external links which they may wish to share with their students.



The SOLARO parent interface provides detailed reports of each child’s account. These easy to read reports show the activities that have been completed, explain their child’s progress, demonstrate the level of achievement on tests and assignments, and indicate deficiencies which may need to be addressed.

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Education & Career Fairs


The Education & Career Fair's (ECF) mission is to support the career pursuits of B.C. residents “starting from square one”.

This includes secondary students planning for higher education; young adults looking to transfer their work experience & skills to a different industry; and new immigrants seeking employment and further training to settle in Canada.

With the support of representatives from 100+ post-secondary institutions, employers & industry assocations, Grade 10 - 12 students have the unique opportunity to learn how to become job-ready from both the learning providers that will train them, and the companies that will hire them.

The Education & Career Fairs also features a Learning Lounge, Interactive Galleries, Job Skills Workshop and Living Library, so everyone can enjoy a hands-on learning experience! 

Make sure to visit us in Nanaimo, Surrey, Vancouver, Abbotsford and Kelowna! 

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Education Backpack


Education Backpack is a non-profit education travel co-op. A free service for teachers, we get you and your students better prices on educational travel, class trips, fundraising items, and even travel gear. Any profits we generate go to help subisdize travel for students who wouldn't otherwise be able to experience the transformative benefits of travel.

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Educational Technology Support, Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia


Sky, Water, Earth is a collection of free online and self-paced resources that prepare youths between 16-20 for a career in the sciences. In the collection are 6 playlists, or learning pathways, that cover 4 career-oriented competencies: communication, creative thinking, networking, and results oriented. As learners complete each playlist, they receive feedback from experts in the field and from their peers, build competencies valued by employers and schools, and create artifacts or experiences that can be showcased on their resume. Playlist completion will be rewarded with real-world opportunities that include informational interview with professors, grad students, inventors, and experts; networking events hosted by the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre, Vancouver Aquarium Marine Science Centre, or Telus World of Science; job shadowing opportunities; LinkedIn recommendations; and others. 

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EducationPlannerBC.ca is a government supported initiative that aims to consolidate online post-secondary resources, enabling students to more easily search, plan and apply for public post-secondary education in British Coumbia.  It consolidates a variety of tools that support all aspects of the student journey, from searching for programs, comparing admission and tuition requirements, applying directly to the public post-secondary institution(s), to identifying finanical strategies and study tips.

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EduPac Services


EduPac Services is the leading provider of school supplies packages and bulk orders in BC. 

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EEPSA - Environmental Educators' Provincial Specialist Association


We are the environmental educators' PSA.

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EF Educational Tours


For over 50 years, we’ve proudly partnered with educators like you to transform the way students look at the world—and themselves. We help teachers and students experience different cultures, navigate new languages and explore historic sites, all while developing the global perspective needed for success in today’s interconnected world.

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EMC Mortgages


As a proud member of the BCTF Advantage Program, EMC has assisted hundreds of BCTF members with:

  • Discounted mortgage rates and products
  • Substantial monthly savings
  • Lines of credit
  • Debt consolidation
  • Financial advising

In addition to the financial services we provide, we aim to add further value by extending perks and promotional offers that are exclusive to our BCTF clients:

  • Referral Rewards
  • Support for locals, Pro-D and PSA groups
  • Seasonal promotions


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Emily Carr University of Art + Design


Emily Carr University of Art + Design is a global leader in studio-based art, media and design and a community of creative, dedicated people who are passionate about the arts in all its many forms. We take great pride in the success of our talented students, award winning and respected faculty and alumni, and their significant contributions locally and internationally. A city known for creative diversity, Vancouver’s community of celebrated artists, designers and media practitioners are integral to a thriving economy of established and emerging creative industries, studios and start-ups. To live curiously, live intelligently, live collaboratively, live imaginatively and live creatively, is core to who we are. 

We off Undergraduate Degrees in three majors; Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Design and Bachelor of Media Arts. We also offer Graduate Degrees, general interest courses, certificate programs and teens programming. 

In September 2017 our campus on the Great Northern Way will open its doors. Built specifically to meet the needs of our students and to support art + design education, our new space will be a place where creativity can thrive. From studio spaces to lecture halls, our state-of-the-art campus will support the kind of outstanding education that Emily Carr University is known for around the world. We look forward to welcoming new and returning students this September. Our new campus is located between Clark and Main St on Great Northern Way. It is accessible by public transit and a 15-20 minute walk from the VCC Skytrain Station. 

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Enactus SFU- Banner Bags


Banner Bags is an educational project that strives to teach high school students the importance of being eco-friendly. We accomplish this by providing an opportunity for students to turn used nylon banners into reusable bags in their textile classes.

In the past, Banner Bags gave a short classroom presentation to teach students about environmental sustainability and the difference each student can make. By doing this, we were able to reach over 700 students across the Lower Mainland and empower them to upcycle items in their everyday lives. After seeing the impact Banner Bags made in our local community, we decided to expand our project all across Canada, which leads to our newest component, Distance Education.

Distance Education allows Banner Bags to educate, engage, and empower students all across the nation while continuously promoting environmental sustainability. We partner with organizations, cities, and schools to implement Banner Bags into high school curriculums.



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ERAC is a cooperative member based organization. We work in partnership with our members, BC public school districts as well as independent schools. Our goal is to support quality education for public and independent K-12 students.

ERAC provides a range of services to its members. These services include evaluation, licensing and acquisition of print, software, and digital learning resources. The results are documented and shared in our online database providing members with an ever-expanding ERAC Resource Collection. Members are also provided specific resource training regarding ERAC purchased products.

ERAC also provides leadership in the areas of new technology and new media and their potential roles in education. We provide educators with research-based trends and also encourage sharing of knowledge and experience within the membership.

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Everfi Inc.


EVERFI empowers teachers to bring critical skills education into their classrooms. With digital lessons focused on topics like financial literacy, entrepreneurship, STEM exploration, and health & wellness, EVERFI helps schools and educators prepare their students to be successful in the real world. Thanks to hundreds of partners who share this mission, EVERFI provides these resources to K-12 schools and students free of charge.

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Exambank offers over 120,000 practice questions from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and the Trades and Apprenticeship Programs.  All the questions are written to the provincial curriculum by BC teachers.  Students go on Exambank.com from school or home and pull up practice exams in any grade, subject, or unit that they are studying.  Practice tests are completed online and students receive feedback and worked out solutions.   We do millions of practice tests each year; the majority of schools in BC make Exambank available as a school resource to their students. Check with your school's administration for your username and password or stop by our booth and we will hook you up with the information.

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We work one-on-one with teachers to create incredible educational tours that meet their specific needs and budget. All Explorica tours are fully inclusive and expertly designed to immerse participants in the local culture while introducing them to the people, places and experiences that make each destination unique.

Explorica is committed to enriching students through educational travel, and that means helping teachers extend the opportunity to as many students as possible. In addition to offering the guaranteed best prices in educational travel, we also provide scholarships and a variety of resources to ensure that every student is able to join their classmates on the tour of a lifetime.

Explorica helps more than 400,000 students and teachers experience exceptional educational travel each year. 

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FAST - Fighting Antisemitism Together


Our non-profit, established 2004, offers educators free, bilingual, online, ERAC approved humanities teaching resources to educate about racism, hatred, discrimination and heroism.  The websites:  www.chooseyourvoice.ca for middle school and www.voicesintoaction.ca for high school offer over 400 online pages with original videos from survivors of The Holocaust, residential school system, genocide in Rwanda, Japanese internment camps, Chinese Head Tax, Komagata Maru and so much more.  There are accompanying fact sheets, timelines, artifacts, lessons, activities and discussion points.  

We know that in visiting history and our failure to protect human rights, we can then reflect on where we are now, how far we've come and how far we still have to go.  

We've made the resources completely free because our goal, as a non-profit, is to affect positive change within education by fostering knowledge and inclusion.

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Flinn Scientific Canada


Flinn Scientific Canada is the most reliable and preferred science education equipment, materials, apparatus, chemical and safety resource supplier in the country.  We are Canada's science safety experts and making school labs and prep areas safe is the cornerstone of our business.  Flinn Scientific Canada has plenty of relevant and helpful resources online at www.flinnsci.ca that are FREE for teachers in BC.   We have the products needed to teach a comprehensive science program in stock -- with a no backorder guarantee!!   Let us help you enhance your science / STEAM / safety needs and engage your students in context-based learning.  Choose Flinn for junior science, biology, chemistry, physics, AP and prep room requirements!

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FlyOver Canada


A field trip to FlyOver Canada is truly unique! School groups are able to soar across some of Canada’s most spectacular scenery and natural wonders with the latest in virtual flight ride technology. Wind, scents, and other amazing effects will make you feel like you are truly flying!

FlyOver Canada ties into a variety of prescribed learning outcomes within social studies classes throughout British Columbia. Content from FlyOver Canada applies to the school curriculum for students from Kindergarten to Grade 6. Show your students the different landscapes, seasons, social surroundings and cultural environments. We offer worksheets available for teachers who wish to incorporate educational additions to their field trip. 

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Follett helps schools do more with less, meet rigorous standards and prepare students for success. Our integrated solutions help you manage resources and reach instructional goals, all while keeping an eye on your budget. We believe that better content, tools and support lead to better learning – wherever learning takes place.

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When it comes to teaching British Columbia’s next generation about energy solutions, conservation and safety, as part of their daily lives, the best place to start is in the classroom. That’s why FortisBC takes an active role in BC’s education system through the FortisBC Energy Leaders, and Energy is Awesome! programs.

FortisBC’s curriculum connected online education program, FortisBC Energy Leaders, makes it easier for teachers to find resources, lesson plans and activities related to energy concepts, sources, conservation, safety and literacy. Our program is developed by BC teachers for BC teachers.  Energy Leaders supports the development of energy education in BC classrooms, providing high quality, engaging, curriculum-connected resources and programs that highlight the BC energy story and encourage a bias-balanced development of energy literacy in classrooms for Kindergarten to Grade 9 students. (Grades 10-12 coming in 2018).

Energy is Awesome! is a school safety program suitable for Kindergarten to Grade 5 students.  This free program is delivered to schools and teaches children about natural gas and electric safety and conservation.  The program consists of an interactive PowerPoint presentation including videos, educational materials and giveaways to engage the students. 

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Foxy and Friends Books


Foxy and Friends Books offers a collection of engaging little books for beginning readers.  The fiction stories are based on the adventures of 7 Canadian animals (all handmade with Fimo clay).  The animals have been photographed in various BC settings (the ocean, the mountains, streams, and lakes).  These stories are designed to inspire reading, play, storytelling, and writing.  “Language and story can be a source of creativity and joy.” Big Idea from BC's New Curriculum. There is also a collection of non-fiction titles designed to inspire conversation and curiosity. Foxy and Friends Books have been translated into French!  

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Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society


A practical, detailed unit based on the Fraser River Sturgeon that connects with the newly developed B.C. curriculum will be provided to interested participants. This unit provides a guide for learning about the Fraser River sturgeon, provides information on how to develop core competencies, integrate subject areas, encourage colloboration and create assessment frameworks. We will be providing some complimentary copies of the Canadian award winning book, Tale of a Great White Fish, authored by Maggie de Vries.

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FRIENDS Program - Ministry of Children and Family Development


FRIENDS is an evidence-based, anxiety prevention and resiliency program delivered by teachers in the classroom.  It aligns well with BC's curriculum.  Following a 1-day teacher training, teachers receive a leader manual and student workbooks for delivery in the classroom.  The training and materials are provided free of charge.  Three program levels are available:  Fun FRIENDS (K-1), FRIENDS For Life (gr 4-5), and My FRIENDS Youth (gr 6-7).  This exhibit will display sample materials, as well as other resources and handouts that highlight the benefits of FRIENDS, how parents and families can be involved, and more specifically how FRIENDS aligns with the core competencies of BC's curriculum.

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Gale Cengage


Gale is a global leader in education, learning, and research resources online.
We have a vast digital archive of research databases, reference books
both eBook and print, and more!

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Galiano Conservancy Association


Bring your students to Galiano Island for hands-on environmental education programs that they will never forget! We offer programs for both elementary and high school students that are curriculum linked and delivered in a variety of stunning locations. Get your hands dirty learning about sustainable agriculture in our Forest Garden, immerse yourself in the ecology of a mature coastal forest and learn hands-on restoration skills, spend a day learning about marine life at Montague Harbour Provinvial park and more. Book either a day trip or multi-day program and stay at the Millard Learning Centre on 188 acres including coastal forest, water access, wetlands and a Forest Garden. Galiano is a short ferry ride away but a world apart from the city. Getting here is easy and we offer bursaries to school groups with financial need.

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Genome British Columbia


Genome BC's Geneskool Program offers teachers several programs, including Classroom Workshops (a volunteer presents a curriculum-based activity in your classroom), Traveling Suitcases (suitcases stuffed with educational materials are shipped to schools), Full Day Workshops at Capilano University (a full day of crime-solving in a university lab) and online activities and articles, all free of charge to teachers.  

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GM Resorts Limited Partnership


Grouse Mountain field trips offer students hands on habitat and wildlife education, First Nations' cultural experiences, and recreational activities that include ski and snowboard lessons, outdoor ice skating, nature hikes, guided snowshoe tours, and Peak of Christmas festivities.

Our motto is safe, fun, easy! We put safety first, always, then fun for the kids and easy for the teachers. We are so excited that the redesign of B.C.’s curriculum aligns well with our love of outdoor spaces and hands on learning.


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As BC's tourism human resource association, go2HR helps the BC tourism industry succeed and grow by leading the provincial Tourism Labour Market Strategy, with which we identify and address staffing challenges faced by tourism employers. We provide programs and resources in the area of recruitment, retention and training, including a free tourism job board, labour and compensation research, health and safety tools, and industry training.

go2HR provides and administers training and certification programs to develop relevant skills for prospective and current tourism and hospitality employees. These include Serving it Right, FOODSAFE Level 1 by Distance Education, and the SuperHost/WorldHost line of customer service training programs. We bring together and collaborate with employers, educators, government, and other industry associations to promote workforce development, and connect job seekers to employers by educating and creating awareness of opportunities for youth and students in BC’s tourism and hospitality industry.

For more information, visit www.go2hr.ca

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Graduate Studies, Faculty of Education, Simon Fraser University


Simon Fraser University's Faculty of Education offers certificate, diploma, master's and doctoral programs in a wide variety of topics and areas of study including: Arts Education, Counselling Psychology, Curriculum & Instruction, Educational Leadership, Educational Psychology, Educational Technology & Learning Design, Languages & Societies, Mathematics Education and programs in French. Classes tend to be offered on evenings and/or weekends to accommodate working professionals on one of 3 SFU campuses, in school districts, and communities. Thesis and non-thesis master's programs available.

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Greenfield Learning


Greenfield Learning  has over 20 years experience implementing technology-delivered curriculum - on Apple and Windows-and now the iPad.

We specialize in bringing technology-based reading and math curriculum to your labs and classrooms, to your teachers, administrators and to your students and their families. 

We carefully select research-proven and supported systems to ensure your success. We tailor our support for you, from large city-based district-wide strategic implementations to small rural school sites; we provide the system and the support to best fit your needs.

Lexia Learning: Founded more than 30 years ago, Lexia stands as one of the most rigorously researched, independently evaluated, and respected reading programs in the world.  All of Lexia’s products are designed according to the latest scientific findings in education and are centered on empowering literacy educators by providing a personalized approach to learning, ongoing data to drive instruction, resources for face-to-face instruction, and proactive implementation support.

Reading Plus: Reading Plus simultaneously develops all three domains of reading–physical, cognitive, and emotional–by integrating them in one personalized online reading program. Rooted in eight decades of research, Reading Plus is proven to increase achievement in students from elementary grades through college.

Symphony Math provides math intervention and screening for grades K through 8.

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Greystone Books


Greystone Books is a Vancouver-based publisher of high-quality non-fiction books that appeal to regional, national, and international readers. The company is a leading publisher of books about nature and the environment, health, travel and adventure, sports, and current issues, as well as books that are exceptional literary expressions of personal passions. Our books have been adopted by high schools and universities across North America in subjects including science, language arts, social studies and more. 

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Groupe Média TFO


Groupe Média TFO presents IDÉLLO, a dynamic multilevel digital platform designed to cater and adapt to different types of learning. IDÉLLO brings teachers, early childhood educators, students and parents an array of resources and functions that satisfy the desire for new ways to learn. IDÉLLO offers thousands (more than 11 000) of rich, up-to-date educational resources in French, as well as functions and a workspace that encourage communication between communities of users with common interests.


Présenté par Groupe Média TFO, IDÉLLO est un environnement numérique évolutif et dynamique, conçu pour répondre et s’adapter à différents types d’apprentissage. Enseignants, éducateurs à la petite enfance, élèves ou parents, IDÉLLO saura vous proposer des ressources et des fonctionnalités adaptées à votre désir d’apprendre autrement. IDÉLLO donne accès à des milliers (plus de 11 000) de ressources pédagogiques en français, riches et actuelles, ainsi qu’à des fonctionnalités et un espace de travail qui encouragent l’échange entre des communautés d’usagers qui partagent les mêmes intérêts.

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Harbour Publishing/Know BC/Douglas & McIntyre


Harbour Publishing is an award-winning independent book publisher owned and operated by Howard and Mary White. The company was established in 1974 and is based on British Columbia's Sunshine Coast. Harbour Publishing is well known for the Raincoast Chronicles, a series of anthologies on BC coast history and culture, which features over twenty volumes. Harbour is also the publisher of over five hundred titles, including the bestselling Fishing with John by Edith Iglauer; The Fly in Autumn by David Zieroth, which won the 2009 Governor General’s Award for Poetry; and many other prize-winning books such as The Encyclopedia of British Columbia, Marine Life of the Pacific Northwest, by Andy Lamb and Bernard P. Hanby and The Encyclopedia of Raincoast Place Names: A Complete Reference to Coastal British Columbia by Andrew Scott.

Harbour’s flagship online publication is KnowBC.com. This definitive resource on BC has expanded its repetoire with units on history, science, environmental studies and more. These additions join more than 10,000 existing entries and thousands of photos, maps, tables, charts, videos and audio clips. KnowBC is the most comprehensive site for BC information ever compiled.

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HCTF Education offers WildBC workshops, Wild Schools program, GO Grants, and environmental learning resources for K-12 educators.

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Heritage Group Distribution


Heritage Group Distribution distributes high quality Canadian adult and childrens books on behalf of its core BC based publishers: Heritage House, Touchwood Editions (including literary imprint Brindle & Glass), and RMB Rocky Mountain Books. They are also affiliated with Greystone Books. Many of the seasonal titles appear regularly on the BC Bestseller list.

Based in Surrey, they also distribute other BC and regional publishers like Mother Tongue, Self Counsel Press and Calypso.

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Historica Canada


Historica Canada is the country’s largest organization dedicated to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. 

At Historica Canada, we build awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. Our programs reach more than 10 million Canadians annually, which makes us the largest independent organization of our kind. ur staff travels coast to coast to coast to meet participants and promote engagement in our activities. All programs are offered in both official languages. 

We aim to create programs that appeal to all Canadians, although some specifically focus on youth. We create free, bilingual education guides that cover topics in Canadian history, tying in with curricula across the country, and explore facets of the various topics not always covered in the textbooks. Our best-known offerings include the Heritage Minutesa collection of more than 80 dramatized vignettes that recreate events of importance, accomplishment and bravery in our country’s history. The Canadian Encyclopedia, a free online resource, reached more than nine million unique visitors over the past year. It offers the largest collection of authored, accurate and continuously updated articles focused on Canada and Canadiana. Every year, Encounters brings more than 3,000 students to Ottawa for themed weeks focused on specific study topics. Our other programs include The Memory Project, through which veterans share their experiences online and in classrooms and community groups; Passages Canadafeaturing newcomers to Canada discussing their views and experiences; The Citizenship Challenge, in which young Canadians answer the same questions as real-life applicants for citizenship; and Aboriginal Arts & Stories, which features submissions from Canada’s most talented young artists and writers from Indigenous communities. We also offer commemorative programs tied to historical anniversaries, such as the First World War or women’s suffrage. While our headquarters are in Toronto, we also operate the Ottawa-based Encounters With Canada program. 

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HR MacMillan Space Centre


Take a bold step into the future with our range of field trips and education programs. Your students will experience the wonders of space like never before! Visit our booth to learn more:

  • Field trip programs at the HR MacMillan Space Centre for students in grades 1 - 12
  • Outreach programs we bring to you
  • Virtual field trips
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The Iconic team has provided complete turnkey CNC solutions to over 1600 educational facilites over the past 8 years. Our CNC for education packages offer machine, stand, enclosure, tooling, dust collection, mobile base, design software, online video tutorials and assistance from the best technical support team in the industry. 

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iDESIGN Solutions


iDESIGN is a Value Added Reseller of technology for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) education. We represent the leading products for STEM education, including: Afinia 3D Printers, Arduino, BirdBrain Technologies, Cubelets, EasyC, littlebits, Lulzbot and MakerBot 3D Printers, NetSupport, Ozobot, RobotC, Sparkfun, Sphero, Squink Printed Circuit Board Printer, VEX Robotics, VEX IQ, teacher training, and much more.

One of our exciting products is VEX Robotics, which is used in thousands of elementary & high school as well as colleges & universities across North America. The VEX Robotics solution offers students an exciting platform for learning about areas rich with career opportunities and, through competitive robotics, encourages teamwork, leadership and problem solving among groups.

iDESIGN is the proud sponsor of the Pacific Youth Robotics Society in BC, an organization committed to inspire students' interest in science, technology, and mathematics (STEM) through competitive robotics. Learn more at https://pyrs.ca.   Visit our booth to learn about VEX Robotics solutions for your classroom.

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IEEE Vancouver


The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) was founded in 1884 by Edison, Westinghouse, Tesla and others.  It is a strictly not-for-profit technical and professional society. Today it has over 400,000 members worldwide, with 16,000 in Canada.
As a part of the IEEE, through our Teacher In-Service Program (TISP), we connect IEEE volunteers with pre-university educators and students.  Our volunteers share their real-world experiences, and demonstrate
engineering, science and mathematics concepts.

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Immigrant Link Center Society


We offer a modern optical educational kit (as a fundraising option) that is suitable for Grade 8, Grade 11, and grade 12 students.

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Inclusion BC


Inclusion BC is a collective voice of people from across the province who stand with us as we advocate for people with intellectual disabilities and their families.This past year Inclusion BC held a public forum entitled “Restoring Quality Inclusive Education in BC Schools, honoured 4 teachers with a National Inclusive Education Award and hosted a day long Summit on Inclusive Education attended by 80 teachers, parents and other community members, bringing public attention to best practice and excellence in inclusive education. We also provide resources, workshops and one to one support to families.

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Indus Travels Inc.


Indus Travels is a leader in best-priced group tours all around the world covering 5 continents and more than 60 countries. 
We have a long legacy of working with educational institutions for international travel offers that are: 

- Safe

- Enriching

- Fulfilling

- Fun

- Rightly priced

Cultural competence, global outlook and field based learning are some key ingredients of our trips. Language, culture, music, food and history make the centrepiece of most of the trips. 

We provide end-to-end services, covering flights, transfers, local support and activities. 


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Industry Training Authority


Industry Training Authority is a crown corporation that offers Trades Training in the province of BC. Our programs offer youth a pathway to DISCOVER, EXPLORE, TRAIN and WORK in Trades. The Discover programs offer early exposure to hands on learning and design thinking to Explore courses where youth can explore several trades and later receive their first year of trades training in the ITA Youth Train in Trades and get an employer sponsor in the ITA Youth Work in Trades. Please visit us at the conference to learn more about programs and grants that can help your school get started in trades awareness and programming. 

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InkSmith delivers end to end solutions for bringing 3D printing and design thinking programming to life in the classroom! Our packages include plug and play 3D printers, BC curriculum aligned lesson plan packages, professional development, printing materials and other makerspace equipment. 

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Insight Global Education


Insight Global Education is a Vancouver based social enterprise that aims to change the way youth perceive and engage with the Global South. Over the past 5 years we have partnered with educators in British Columbia to provide exceptional learning experiences for students. Over the past year, Insight has built curricular resources for educators looking to integrate global issues directly into their classrooms. Built within a Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) framework (taking into account the recent curricular updates from the BC Government), our resources provide opportunities for students to engage with global issues, from an experiential and comprehensive format. Resources are provided at no cost, and sample units will be available for educators attending the Superconference.   

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Insurance Institute - Career Connections


Career Connections is a career awareness program aimed at encouraging young adults and career seekers to pursue one of the many skilled professions available in the insurance industry. Students will have greater success transitioning from school to work with essential tools and information about possible career and education pathways. The Insurance Institute’s Career Connections has created tools, in a number of mediums, to aid students in their exploration and decision making. We help them explore the numerous but little-known careers in insurance, highlighting a variety of career paths and essential skills necessary for success in the real world.   Visit us to receive free curriculum based classroom resources (including lessons, activities, career kits and videos) to enhance students’ knowledge of the many career possibilities in property and casualty (home, auto and business) insurance.  Our lesson plans include individual and group activities to teach about financial literacy, decision-making skills, ethical behavior in the workplace, employer expectations surrounding electronic communications, and more. Visit our website so students can explore career paths in general, and into the insurance industry. We also offer free classroom presentations by industry professionals who have a unique way of bringing the real world into the classroom, helping students understand that insurance is a part of everything we do and how they can find rewarding careers in this stable market.

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IRIS the Visual Group (BCTF Advantage Partner)


IRIS offers all members of BCTF the IRIS Advantage Eyecare Benefits.  These benefits are in addition to and combinable with etended health coverage, they are available to all of the members immediate family and there is no cost to register.  Receive $150 towards all prescription eyewear, $150 towards prescription sunglasses, $50 towards annual supply of contact lenses and more.  Register at iris.ca/benefits (select British Columbia Teacher Federation) or stop by our table.

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Irving K Barber BC Scholarship Society


We will be promoting the scholarship and award programs the Society makes available to BC Post-Secondary Students.  In particular, we will be promoting our Aboriginal Student Awards - which can be applied for by students graduating grade 12 - and our Transfer Scholarship programs which allow for student mobility between institutions. The Society grants over $2.2M in scholarships and awards annually.

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JA has been providing business education for youth around the world for decades. We invite you to take advantage of our various programs teaching students about workplace readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

Students who participate in JA programs are more likely to stay in school and have a competitive advantage later in life. JA programs provide exposure to positive role models and real-life stories from the business community as well as opportunities to participate in hands-on business simulations and individual, group and digital learning activities.

Our trained business volunteers will visit your class and transform the key concepts of our business education lessons into a message that empowers and inspires. All of our programs are offered FREE of charge and are available in schools around the province!

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Every child can learn math and love it.

We are an award-winning non-profit dedicated to helping people lead more fulfilled lives. Our evidence-based curricula and professional development replaces math anxiety with an understanding and a love of math in students and educators. Our teacher resources are free online so everyone needing support for effective teaching of math, may access these outstanding resources.

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Justice Institute of British Columbia


As Canada's leading public safety educator, you will obtain the knowledge, skills, and competencies you need to make a difference in the community.

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Kids Code Jeunesse


Kids Code Jeunesse has a history of providing coding education to schools in Canada, and from the past year,  we in partnership with LightHouseLabs have been commissioned to work in conjunction with BC’s Ministry of Education to design the supportive student and teacher materials for the coding content in the new ADST curriculum. This includes designing the content and executing training programs to provide teachers with the tools and resources required to deliver this aspect of ADST content.

While we are extremely proud to have been working with the Ministry of Education, we would like to continue to go above and beyond by supporting our teachers and fostering an understanding of computational thinking, technology, and basic coding.

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Kids Lit Quiz


The Kids' Lit Quiz is an annual literature quiz for students aged 10 - 13 years.

Quizzes are held in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and USA.

The winning team from each heat competes in a National Final. National champions compete in the World Final.

The quiz was founded by New Zealand quizmaster Wayne Mills, who reads enough books to write several thousand questions each year. You can test your team on some of Wayne's questions by visiting our Question Bank.

If you have a team of 4 students ready to play KLQ, the BC Regional competition will be held on November 16th at Waverley School in Vancouver.  Please come by for more information.  Email joycechong@telus.net  for more information.

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We are a children's and YA bookstore and have worked extensively with schools and school districts to promote reading and the love of literature.

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Langara College Creative Arts & Industries


Creative Arts & Industries allows students to combine their passion with the technical skills, business knowledge, and experience that they need for a rewarding creative career.

Students can choose from programs in:

  • Design Formation
  • Fine Arts
  • Film Arts
  • Journalism
  • Professional Photography
  • Publishing
  • Theatre Arts at Studio 58
  • Art History
  • Web & Mobile Design & Development

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Learning Disabilities Association Vancouver


The Learning Disabilities Association of Vancouver is a non-profit with a mission to empower every child and adolescent in Vancouver with a Learning Disability to achieve life-long success and happiness. In partnership with the University of British Columbia, LDAV provides research-based instruction to children who struggle in school. Our specialized interventionists offer individualized and professional support that teaches children to leverage their learning strengths in order to overcome their learning challenges. Within 2 to 3 years, our programs teach children to be independent in the school system.

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Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC)


The Legal Services Society (Legal Aid BC) provides legal aid, which includes a range of free services available to people with low incomes: legal information, legal advice, and legal representation (a lawyer to take your case).

The law can be complicated, but not everyone can afford a lawyer. People who don't qualify for representation by a legal aid lawyer may still be eligible for legal advice services. Legal advice involves applying the law to a particular situation, then providing a legal opinion and specific advice about the best course of action.

Our information services may be able to help with legal problems — even if legal issues aren't covered by our other services:

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Legislative Assembly of British Columbia


The Parliamentary Education Office is pleased to provide interpretive tours of the Parliament Buildings to student groups of all ages. In addition to viewing the architectural splendour of the Parliament Buildings, guided tours provide an overview of the history of the province and insight into the legislative process.

When the Legislative Assembly is sitting, school groups have the opportunity to observe debates from the Public Gallery at the conclusion of their tour. The Tour Office also notifies your school's MLA of your visit and invites them to meet with your group.

Tour length varies between 30 and 60 minutes depending on Parliamentary activity. If you are also observing debates, please allow for up to 1.5 hours for your visit.

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Les Editions Passe-Temps


Les Éditions Passe-Temps are a pioneering publishers specializing in complementary French language teaching materials.

Founded in 1996 in Quebec City, Passe-temps remain to this day a family run company. With the desire to create and distribute the best material available in French, Passe-Temps rely on an established network of professional contributors in education, special teaching and speech therapy. This has earned les Éditions Passe-Temps an excellent reputation for the quality of its literacy, educational centers and pedagogical games.

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Let's Talk Science


Let’s Talk Science is an award-winning, national, charitable organization focused on education and outreach to support youth development. Let’s Talk Science offers a full suite of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) programs for Kindergarten to Grade 12 educators, including hands-on STEM classroom outreach, online chat forums, program planning resources, action projects and professional learning opportunities.

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who are we?

For 40 years, the bookstore was able to create and perfect his work and expertise with institutions in Montreal and across Canada.

We became the reference bookstore, one that can identify customer needs and respond with rigor and professionalism. Our secret is simple, we have a team of extraordinary booksellers and we have the largest selection of Youth Literature and French Comics available in Canada.

The result today is that our customers can be assured of working with a French bookstore who can offered a top technological instruments and a  level of a deep knowledge of various literatures.

A strong expertise in 3 sectors :

-Youth Literature

Our Youth sector, with its impressive inventory of more than 30 000 French language titles, is by far the largest and most diversified selection aimed at young readers in Canada. It includes the near-complete Canadian catalogues as well as an impressive selection of the best illustrated books, novels and classics published in Europe. We receive in bookstores the entirety of French-language editorial production.

-General and Academic Publications

As well as offering a large selection of general publications, we provide access to all books available in French from best sellers to the most specialized essays and manuals.

-Comics and Graphic Novels

Our French language comics sector features more than 15 000 titles, classified by age groups and genres, which offers an easier browsing experience. This way, sequential art becomes accessible and enjoyable for readers of all ages.

Monet PRO, the unique online catalogue in Canada

Monet PRO, our online catalogue, allows you to:

- discover daily all the new releases;

- optimize your work time by selecting your acquisitions using our detailed  classifications by sector, themes, age, groups and rating;

- enjoy the expertise of our booksellers, through our book summaries, reviews, comments and external links;

- Discover our special section on immersion programs in schools;

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Logics Academy


Logics Academy is a Canadian leader in K-12 STEM education. Developing age appropriate robotics/coding solutions for the classroom that engage students in exciting, experiential based education programs which strengthen STEM knowledge, promote innovation skills, and develop well-rounded individuals.

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Maker Garden


We offer in-school field trips to teach elementary students (K-7) robotics and electronics. The project based learning is tailored to assist teachers in delivering exciting lessons in ADST.

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Marathon Learning Materials Ltd


OUr strength is serving students with mild to severe learning challenges with SRA (Nelson), Curriculum Associates, Red Rocket Readers and Benchmark Education 

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We offer quality tours like no other. Our tours are crafted to maximize time and efficiency so there is more time enjoying and learning about the sites than sitting on a bus.

  • Educational group tours since 1991.
  • Over 26.000 travelers on 5 continents, 47 countries, and over 750 cities
  • Centrally located downtown or beach hotels only
  • The fastest flight connections 
  • Independent groups (we do not mix unknown groups)
  • Open buffet breakfast
  • Inside visit of all main sites
  • Longer distances covered by flights or speedy trains
  • Professional multilingual tour director 

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Mason Sewing Machine 2016 Ltd


Mason Sewing Machine offers a wide range of sewing products. The products include Babylock sewing, serging, embroidery, quilting and specialty machines. We also supply steam irons, ironing boards and cloth cutting supplies. Industrial/domestic sewing machine pick up and drop off service for repairs.


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Merlan Scientific


Over 45 years, Merlan Scientific has been a trusted Canadian source for Engineering, Technology, Physics/Optics and general Science teaching equipment. With our long history of sourcing and providing superior products for education/training, we have established a reputation for quality and innovation and gained the trust of science educators, engineering and technology industries alike. We are proud to be exclusively partnered with leaders in their respective fields.Through these partnerships, Merlan Scientific is able to offer its customers a wide range of invaluable, innovative resources. These resources include equipment, experiments, lab activities, webinars, and expert advice.

Through strong partnerships with our suppliers and input from our customers, we constantly seek to update and expand our product portfolio enabling us to offer the most current, cutting edge and curriculum supportive equipment and experiments. We do not just offer a list of products online, we have dedicated product specialists who know and understand the products. They are in turn backed by a team of experts directly from the manufacturers and together we provide unrivaled knowledge, advice and customer support at all levels. This makes us unique and adds great value to the products we provide.

When you work with Merlan you are in safe hands, we do everything possible to ensure that your class, educational institution, organization’s science, engineering and technology resources needs and you are taken care of.

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Microsoft Canada


Microsoft Education empowers the students of today to create the world of tomorrow. We strive to help educators enable the right environment for better learning outcomes by offering modern tools for collaborative classrooms and experiences that spark creativity.

Become a Microsoft Innovative Educator, and join our global community of over 100,000 educators who are using technology in the classroom today to prepare their students for the world of tomorrow. Also see how you can receive funded Professional Development from one of our Microsoft Learning Consultants, delivered at your school! 

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Midtown Press


Midtown Press is a micropublisher that initially focused on local history and children’s literature. Our initial goals in publishing history books were to unveil aspects of BC history that were under-represented in public awareness and to find ways of highlighting important history and persons who have had significant impact in BC culture. Our interest in publishing of children’s books comes from the owner’s history and appreciation of children’s literature. To date we have published two non-fiction books on BC cultural history, a successful reprint of E. Pauline Johnson’s Legends of Vancouver, three readers, one storybook, and we have just published this November our second graphic novel.


Represented by Midtown Press at the booths:


Les Presses de Bras d’Apic:

Les Presses de Bras d’Apic sont le penchant francophone de Midtown Press. Ses débuts sont issus de la volonté de publier la biographie de Raoul Hunter. Puis, l’éditeur a commencé un virage vers la publication de titres sur la Colombie-Britannique. Le premier titre fût la traduction Légendes de Vancouver de Pauline Johnson, puis vint un récit sur le Père Pandosy. L’éditeur développa ensuite son secteur jeunesse avec des titres issus d’histoires à saveur locale pour les enfants. Les deux dernières parutions sont le deuxième et dernier volet d’un plan de trois titres sur la Colombie-Britannique entamé avec Légendes de Vancouver: la ville des autres de Marie-Laure Chevrier, 15 récits contemporains vancouvérois et la Brève histoire de la Colombie-Britannique par Ed Whitcomb.


Les Éditions des Plaines:
Fier partenaire au service de la littérature et de l’éducation dans l’Ouest canadien depuis 1979, les Éditions des Plaines publient en moyenne dix livres par année ; son catalogue compte plus de 300 titres et est le reflet d’un programme de publication variée. Littérature générale et ressources éducatives sont à l’honneur. Depuis trente-cinq ans, la maison s’applique à donner la parole aux écrivains de l’Ouest canadien. Les Éditions des Plaines sont membres du Regroupement des éditeurs canadiens-français (RECF).


Diffusion Dimedia:
Diffusion Dimedia diffuse et distribue en exclusivité des livres de langue française au Canada depuis 1974. Dimedia c’est plus de trois cent cinquante éditeurs (dont 81 éditeurs québécois et franco-canadiens) et plus de cent mille titres au catalogue.


CLE International:
CLE International est une maison d’édition créée en 1973, spécialisée dans le français langue étrangère (FLE), appris par des non-francophones. Plus de 100 titres sont publiés chaque année pour enrichir un catalogue de près de 1 000 titres diffusés dans une centaine de pays.


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Mind-Full Consulting (Carole Fullerton)


I am a mathematics teacher leader working in BC, Manitoba and the territories to promote rich mathematical teaching and learning.  My teacher resources are designed to support primary, intermediate and middle school teachers to engage their students in math lessons that are open-ended, rigorous and accessible to a range of learners. Teaching through problem-solving, inquiry and good questions underlie each of my 12 teacher resources. Topics include mastery of the facts, number sense, addition and subtraction, place value, multiplicative thinking and proportional reasoning with Cuisenaire Rods. All of my resources are written for combined grades classrooms and include whole group and small group lessons, games, literature links and authentic assessment tasks.

Come see what the fun is about!

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Mt Seymour Resorts


For over 40 years, Mt Seymour Ski & Snowboard School, North Vancouver, has guided students of all ages and abilities to success in a positive, encouraging, safe and fun environment created by our certified ski & snowboard instructors and experienced snowshoe guides. Discover our winter wonderland with your next winter field-trip.

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myBlueprint is BC's favourite online education, career and life planning resource, used across K-12, now used within 40+ Districts across the province.

Customized to meet the needs of BC's new curriculum, All About Me (K-6) is a kid friendly, age appropriate, digital portfolio that allows students to explore careers within their community, encourages inquiry based reflection, and showcases growth from year to year. Many districts have also adopted the tool as a way to communicate student learning and encourage student self-assessment of the core competencies.

The education, career and life planner (7-12) supports teachers in meeting the new career education learning outcomes, and provides students a self-directed resource that allows them to research and create a plan for life after high school. 

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National Film Board of Canada


We'll be promoting CAMPUS, our education offer.

Booth 625 Floor Plan

National Science Teachers Association


Check out what the largest association of science teachers in the world can offer for all teachers - all grades:  free resources, web materials, member periodicals, conferences, books, professional development and more!  Inquire about the benefits of membership.  

Booth 725 Floor Plan

National Science Teachers Association - NSTA Press


NSTA Press® publishes over 20 new titles each year providing Professional Development in Science Education K-16.  Our focus to help Science Teachers become the best instructors they can become.

Classroom-ready activities, hands-on approaches to inquiry, relevant professional development, the latest scientific education news and research, assessment, standards-based instruction—NSTA Press® develops and produces the high-quality resources that science educators need, in all disciplines. Download a free catalog at http://digital.nsta.org/publication/?i=391781# or sample free PDFs of NSTA Press chapters at the Science Store.

Booth 1216 Floor Plan

Native Northwest


We bring Indigenous art to everyday living through a diverse selection of gifts, fashion, and learning tools. We are honoured to do our part in celebrating First Nations and Native American cultures and traditions.

Booth 918 Floor Plan

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)


NSERC offers a variety of science outreach activities for students of all ages! Come see us to learn more about how you can engage your students in a variety of engaging, interesting and fun STEM activities including Science Odyssey – a national 10-day celebration of STEM; SciPOP - a one-day blitz of in-class science exploration and a unique opportunity to turn your students into little inventors!

Booth 600 Floor Plan



In this time of curriculum change, Nelson offers K-7 educators a suite of made-in-BC resources designed to support inquiry-based learning in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, and English Language Arts. Our new print and digital resources are designed to help you uncover the big ideas, core and curricular competencies, and updated content learning standards for each subject area.

Developed from the ground up to align with each curriculum, Nelson Science, BC Math Boost, Nelson Socials, and Under One Sun include:

  • Common teacher resource features to save you time
  • Subject-specific assessment tools for core and curricular competencies
  • Authentic learning from First Peoples

Visit the Nelson booth to learn about these exciting new resources for your classroom!

Booth 600 Floor Plan


McGraw-Hill Education offers both print and digital educational resources grades 7-12.

Booth 225 Floor Plan

New York Institute of Technology - Vancouver Campus


Master of Science in Instructional Technology, Educators
New York Institute of Technology – Vancouver Campus

NYIT Vancouver’s Instructional Technology, M.S. is a 33-credit program, that has received written consent by the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education, for developing educators’ expertise to serve as a technology coach. A technology coach is defined by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) as a professional who helps educators advance technology use in K-12 schools. Technology coaches support classroom practice and instructional change through the use of leading-edge media and technology for teaching and learning. They work closely with teachers and administrators to develop uses of technology for the digital age and global learning. As part of NYIT, a global university, the mission of the Instructional Technology, M.S. program is to develop educators’ expertise in uses of digital age technologies and practices for teaching and learning. Graduates of the program will be prepared to be educational technology leaders in a diverse global society.

Graduates of the program are experts in implementing technology as a master teacher in their own K-12 classrooms, and are able to assist other educators to develop a vision for understanding how Instructional Technology can entice, encourage, enable, and empower learners. They may also serve as technology coordinators, content area coordinators, media specialists, literacy coaches, or instructional lead teachers who coach others in achieving the vision for the potential effects of technology on teaching and learning. Building on theories of learning, motivation, and curriculum design, teachers then learn to apply newly developed technology skills to curriculum. The program includes a practicum and seminar for applied onsite applications in the field. Candidates will develop an e-portfolio and research projects that provide evidence of their impact on student learning and demonstrate competencies aligned with the ISTE standards for instructional technology coaches.


  • A 33-credit Instructional Technology, M.S. degree, that has received the written consent of the British Columbia Ministry of Advanced Education.
  • Opportunity to teach, model and coach best practices on teaching, learning and assessment using technology.
  • Ways to develop visionary leadership in applying educational technology and global learning.
  • Experience with tools for problem solving and communication in the K-12 curriculum.
  • Opportunity for flexible scheduling using a blend of face-to-face, online, and desktop conferencing course delivery models.
  • Scholarship opportunities available.
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Booth 420 Floor Plan

Ocean Ambassadors Canada



Our oceans are in trouble. But without a personal connection to our oceans, it’s difficult for us to feel inspired to save them.

We are energizing a growing community of Ocean Ambassadors by engaging young people with the seas that surround us. We start these ambassadors on their journey by forging an early relationship with the ocean that includes wet feet, personal experience, and enthusiastic ecology—understanding the problem of ocean garbage and inspiring them to take action.

We provide Grade 6 & 7 students in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island with an inspiring educational experience in our on-the-beach Ocean Camp program. Students learn to stand-up paddle, discuss the ways ocean plastics impact marine life, and discover ways they can make a difference.

Booth 520 Floor Plan

Ocean Networks Canada


ONC has several programs which are directly relevant to the teachers who will be attending the conference including the Ocean Sense education program (available at http://www.oceannetworks.ca/learning/ocean-sense). Our teaching resources are accessible to a range of classroom teachers and educators in any number of subjects. For example, our ocean themed lessons explore biology, plate tectonics, seasonal cycles, ocean physics and technology. We have also worked directly with local knowledge holders to integrate place-based Indigenous knowledge and traditional ways of knowing into our lessons and lesson resources. These materials are distributed for free or at cost and have been extremely well received at past conferences and events.   

Booth 720 Floor Plan

Ocean Wise


Ocean Wise is  committed to promoting the highest standards of education and creating a real awareness across all ages of the conservation issues our world is facing. We develop curriculum-based resources to support Aquarium field trips and to accompany our Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup programs. We offer a range of school programs in both English and French, in our classrooms, wet labs and galleries. These programs, along with the AquaVan, camps, clubs and sleepovers provide rich educational experiences throughout British Columbia and even Alberta. We also provide professional development opportunities for teachers and teachers in training.

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Odin Books


Odin Books provides a wide selection of resources that support Social and Emotional Learning, resiliency, executive funtion, attention control,  empathy and self regulation.  We also carry a wide selection of recommended Sensory tools to  help kids focus and  stay regulated.  Odin Books will  make available all of the presenters books for the event and host books signings throught the conference after the presentations.  Drop by and check out our selection! 


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Odin Books

Odin Books as stated previously

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Open School BC


Making education and training effective is what we’re all about. We design and develop solutions for specific learning situations or needs – from math resources for first graders to online training for the workplace.

We offer eTextbooks, teacher and open course resources for the K-12 education community as well as an enterprise level, online learning management system with a built in student management system which includes government level security at a cost-effective price.

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Options for Sexual Health


Options for Sexual Health (Opt) is Canada's largest non-profit provider of sexual health services through education programs, clinics, and the 1-800-SEX-SENSE information and referral line. Opt proudly serves people of all ages, all genders, and all orientations, all around BC.

We offer:

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Orca Book Publishers


Orca Book Publishers is an independent Canadian children’s book publisher. We publish award-winning, bestselling books in a number of genres, including board books, picture books, early chapter books, middle-school fiction, world-class YA, hi-lo books for reluctant readers, adult fiction, and a growing list of beautifully designed nonfiction books.

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We are a BC based design and manufacturer company that focuses on Arduino and Raspberry Pi:  kits, sensors, accessories, etc.  

We have just finished our very own IDE called OseppBlock (www.osepp.com/block).  This is a drag-play-learn interface that even an 8 year old can understand.  We have also designed a kit (OSEPP STEM KIT 1) for use with our new IDE.  Our kit will come with an easy to understand tutorial booklet as well.  What is really unique about our interface is that it shows 'actual' Arduino Code for reference.  When the user gets to an age where he or she can understand more, they can refer to the actual codes.  This makes learning how to code really really easy.  Think of it as a graphical way to learn how to code.  Our first stem kit will teach the following (most common functions-Arduino focused):

8 OUTPUTS Device
10 LED
Fan Motor
LCD Display

8 INPUTS Device
Slide POT
Light Sensor
LM35 Temperature sensor
Sound Sensor
Ultrasonic sensor

We also have a line of Robotic Kits that are Lego Technic compatible:  Self Balancing 2-Wheeler, Tank and Triangular Tank kit.  

Our Arduino Starter Kits are already being used by some schools in Ontario.  

The Stem Kit and OseppBlock Interface iKit is ready for demo right now and available for sale by the end of Aug 2017 through our distributors:  Amazon Canada (direct supplier), RP Electronics, Staples Canada, etc.

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Oxford University Press


Oxford University Press offers a wide range of print and digital resources for the study of English as a Second Language.

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PAGE BC - BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education


The BC Teachers for Peace and Global Education, Provincial Specialist Association (PAGE BC PSA) provides PAGE members: two journals each year that include informative and critical articles, hands-on lesson plans linked to the curriculum and activities for peace and global education; an annual conference usually on the Oct. Provincial Pro-D Day and often with interactive keynote speakers and panels, and opportunities for participant reflection, and; facilitators and dynamic peace and global education workshops tailored to the needs of the organizer.  PAGE BC through Promoting a Culture of Peace for Children offers a grant to teachers to cover the costs of resources and materials for a peace and global education project.  Check out the PAGE website for News and Events, Useful Resources, Relevant and Current Issues and archived Journals.  We invite you to join PAGE BC.

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Panterra Educational and Cultural Training Society


Entering our 32nd year of business, PANTERRA has specialized in programing that introduces participants to the marine environment. Our goals are to impart a knowledge and awareness of the earth's natural history, demonstrate environmental conservation through educational endeavours, enrich the lives of youth by building valuable life skills and inspire an interest in further learning.

The program offers two options:

The first option is an experiential non-credit program, which students can record their encounters and experiences in the Panterra Expedition Logbook.

The second option is the Panterra Expedition Workbook which puts the students to work exploring, discovering, identifying and recording the marine environment and organisms encountered. The Workbook has been designed as a credit program for junior and senior high school students. Both options are a great way for students to learn the natural history of a marine environment and to explore career interests in the many fields of natural sciences.

While living onboard our 110’ ship, The “MV Adventure”, anticipate encounters with whales, dolphins, sea lions, seabirds and an amazing diversity of undersea life. Explore the geology, flora and fauna of the desert islands. Assist in one of two wildlife conservation programs; a sea turtle release/monitor program or whale shark research; all of these activities are designed to make the science textbooks come alive.

In addition, participate in our community service project, “The Baja Gifts Program”, where school supplies, clothing and much more are collected and distributed to remote communities in the area we visit.

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Pearson Canada


Pearson Canada is Canada’s leading learning company. We provide innovative learning materials, technologies, assessments, and services to educators.

Booth 810 Floor Plan

Popular Books


Popular Book Company Canada Ltd publishes quality workbooks and other learning materials for preschool and elementary school children

Booth 705 Floor Plan

Portage & Main Press


Portage & Main Press publishes a wide range of innovative and practical K–12 educational materials. We build dynamic learning communities by bringing together authors, educators, and students. Our imprint HighWater Press publishes Indigenous literature for all ages.

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If you want to influence change, you start with children. PreparedBC took that concept to heart when creating Master of Disaster – a Grade 6 program aimed at educating students about the importance of emergency preparedness. The goal was not only to reach BC youth, but to spark conversation among parents, caregivers and neighbours, inspiring them to get disaster-ready.

The program came to life in 2016, starting with the creation of a stakeholder working group consisting of teachers, emergency planners and parents from across BC. The collaborative effort produced three core learning modules that focus on emergency preparedness at the individual, household and community level. Each module is aligned with the new provincial curriculum and supported by work sheets, learning plans, a multi-media library and a role-play game featuring a colourful cast of community characters. There’s even an official Master of Disaster certificate.  

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Progressive Educational Systems


Progressive Educational Systems Inc. (www.progressiveinc.ca)

Visit Progressive Educational System's exhibit to  take a look at the LeXsolar Grid Tie portable trainer as well as the Next Wave CNC Combination Router/3D Printer and Laser Engraver.

Talk with our experienced sales consultants to find out what else is new from Progressive for High School Technology Education. From our own brand of Renewable Energy training Systems to small and big 3D Printers, Virtual Reality training systems for Welding, Residential Construction, Heavy equipment operators to solutions in CTE, Manufacturing, Transportation, Construction, Automation, Communications, Electronics/Electrical, Progressive is the solutions provider you need to visit.

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Puzzle Heads Educational Products



Puzzle Heads creates unique Montessori inspired wooden puzzles and related educational materials appropriate for all teaching environments. All puzzles are original designs, made locally in Vancouver and feature non toxic paints and finishes. In addition, we carry a versatile Light Cube table with many innovative accessories, as well as products to engage all children creatively and actively.

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Rack Fashions

Rack Fashions is a mobile women's clothing and accessory boutique.   We look for signature pieces that are current, comfortable and affordable.   Because of our mobile buisness model, we are able to offer great value on the pieces we bring in.   We look for items that have a good size range.  Some of our more popular items include tunics, leggings, dresses, jackets, wraps, ponchos, bamboo tops and leggings.

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Redsand Kids: Bringing the skills of happiness to life through kids' books, journals, games and more


We are the makers of inspirational books and materials designed to nourish kids' hearts and minds. To learn more about us, please visit our website at redsandkids.com/about.

Booth 1002 Floor Plan

Responsible and Problem Gambling Program


We have exciting curriculum to share with teachers! Our goal is to raise awareness and prepare students for the risks of life and gambling with programs to teach healthy choices and awareness about risk. Our programs include: K-3 learning with puppets, GamIQ for Highschool students and iMINDS for Middle and High school students.

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Rick Hansen Foundation School Program


The Rick Hansen School Program provides free resources to elementary and secondary school teachers in both English and French. These include lesson plans, books and videos. The materials aim to raise awareness for accessibility and inclusion as well encourages students to recognize and become difference makers in their schools and communities.

The lessons align with educational priorities so that teachers can easily facilitate the lessons and meet the expectations of their provincial curriculum.

Teachers tell us it decreases bullying in the classroom and school, improves student attitudes and perceptions of people with disabilities and results in student initiatives to improve classrooms, schools and communities.

Booth 425 Floor Plan

Robotix Education


Robotix Education is a source of Technology Education for schools, teachers and students in Western Canada. We promote concepts of STEAM Education (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) to educators and students grades K though 12. We share a genuine passion for innovation and new creations  though the use of technology. We teach great minds how to develop critical thinking skills, build confidence, and work as a team.

Our vision is to share coding, robotics, programming and engineering with as many teachers and students as possible, while challenging their knowledge, innovativeness and imagination.

We provide robotics educational kits, run face-to-face workshops and live webinars, provide online course work, and one-to-one coaching to help bring about change.

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Ronsdale Press


Books for young readers; biographies; books about Indigenous issues; history books about BC and Canada; books about social issues.

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Roots of Empathy


Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom program.  Nearly two decades of research has consistently shown that Roots of Empathy has significant effects in reducing levels of aggression among school children, while raising social-emotional competence, increasing pro-sociality and knowledge of parenting. Research has shown that aggression tends to increase throughout the school years. Given that aggression is connected to externalizing symptoms in aggressors and internalizing symptoms in victims, Roots of Empathy is an innovative preventative mental health intervention.

It is also well established that social and emotional development occurs in the context of attachment/attunement relationships; Roots of Empathy works through the framework of the attachment/attunement relationship. At the heart of the program are a neighbourhood infant and parent who visit the classroom. A trained Instructor coaches students to observe the attachment/attunement relationship between the infant and parent, and to make practical connections between the baby’s development and their own facilitating social and emotional development, increased knowledge of parenting, decreased aggression, increased pro-sociality, and improvement to the social ecology of the classroom and surrounding community.

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Royal Astronomical Society of Canada


Do you teach Science, Math, Language Arts, or the Fine Arts? The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has many resources for teachers from Primary to Secondary based on Astronomy and Space Sciences: curriculum-based activites, links to Discover the Universe webinars, books and magazines, astronomy links. Visit us to talk about how we can help you use Astronomy to "Think outside the...Earth!" 

Booth 1121 Floor Plan

Royal BC Museum


The Royal BC Museum offers online, outreach and on-site learning programs for BC schools. Our programming is aligned with new curriculum and steeped in 21st century learning. Staff-led on-site Learning Labs include: Primary Sources and Historical Significance, Origin Stories and Indigenous Culture, Predator versus Prey. Outreach Kits include: Chinese Canadian Historical Wrongs and Species at Risk. Check out our online Learning Portal to learn about BC through the work of the Royal BC Museum.

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Saunders Book Company


We are an exclusive distributor of library and classroom books to schools in Canada.

Booth 300 Floor Plan

Savoir Books


French Language books and resources suitable for Librare and class

Booth 601 Floor Plan

Scholastic Education


Scholastic Education publishes top-quality English and French classroom resources (both print and digital) built on the latest research that reflects best teaching practices.

Our resources are of great value to educators and students from K–12. Based on the market research in BC, we have developed an understanding of how we can support teachers in their desire to engage and motivate students, and deliver the curriculum. We know that students want to see themselves in the resources, that they should reflect the diversity in Canadian classrooms, and foster a better understanding of the history and cultures of the First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Peoples of Canada.

Booth 1015 Floor Plan

School House Teaching Supplies


Located in beautiful Victoria, B.C.,  our education store offers teachers from pre-school to Gr. 12 a wealth of teaching references and manipulatives, books, games, charts, posters, maps, and classroom decorations in French and English as well as some Spanish and Mandarin - all in one location.  Our friendly staff look forward to serving you!

Booth 721 Floor Plan

Science Fair Foundation BC


The Science Fair Foundation British Columbia aims to help build BC's future by supporting STEM education and inspiring curiosity through the science fair program. 

In British Columbia, 14 regional fairs are part of the nearly 100 fairs held every year across Canada. Finalists from the regional fairs are selected to attend the week-long, Canada-Wide Science Fair in May of each year. 

Booth 724 Floor Plan

Science World


Science World offers a variety of tools to support teachers and classrooms at TELUS World of Science and around the province. Visit our booth to learn more and browse our offerings: 

  • Field trip offerings for K–12 at TELUS World of Science including shows, exhibitions and workshops
  • Online activities and units to use in your classroom
  • Offerings for schools outside of Metro Vancouver such as BC Green Games and Scientists & Innovators in Schools
  • Professional development workshops and events

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SFU Professional Programs


The Professional Development Program (PDP), is SFU's full-time, post-degree teacher education program.

Through the integration of theory and practice, the PDP prepares student teachers to enter the teaching profession by exploring important educational ideas and their application in the classroom.

A School Associate is a teacher currently working in the BC school system who is willing to mentor pre-service teachers.  Mentoring student teachers provides an opportunity for teachers to work collaboratively and develop shared understanding around the complexities of learning and teaching, stimulates reflection on one’s own instructional practice, and invites discussion of educational issues. Mentorship of student teachers is also a way to give back to the teaching profession.

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SHAD exists to empower exceptional youth to make the world a better place. Each year, SHAD provides the opportunity for high potential high school students across Canada to spend the month of July living in one of 13 host university campuses. Participants engage in workshops, lectures, challenges in science, technology, business, engineering and leadership. Alumni receive the SHAD Fellow designation - a credential recognized and valued by universities and major scholarship foundations. There are currently more than 15,500 SHAD alumni including 32 Rhodes Scholars, Top 40 Under 40 & Top 20 Under 20 award recipients, and many other accomplished professionals, all sharing the transformational SHAD experience and able to leverage their SHAD network for life. Students selected through the rigorous, competitive process for places in the summer program are top performers who are also well-rounded emerging leaders demonstrating initiative, creativity and flair. They are leaders in their schools, volunteers in their communities, and are often gifted musicians, artists and athletes.

SHAD program participants are also eligible to compete for a summer internship for the month of August, immediately following the July in-residence university program, at one of SHAD's partner companes. 

A large bursary fund exists to ensure that any student who fits the SHAD profile can attend the program, regardless of their financial situation. We value diversity and strive to make our program as accessible as possible. In particular, we are increasing our outreach efforts to reach student populations that are currently under-represented at SHAD including students from rural and remote areas, as well as Indigenous youth. 

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Simon Fraser University - Faculty of Applied Sciences


SFU's Faculty of Applied Sciences offers programs in Computing Science and Engineering (Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Electronics, Computer, Systems, Engineering Physics and Biomedical Engineering), with a strong focus on entrepreneurship and industry. 
We also offer outreach programs for children and customized school programs for STEM-interested youth.
Prospective secondary or post-secondary transfer students can join us for a tour of either the SFU Burnaby or Surrey campuses by registering at https://www.sfu.ca/fas/prospective-students/tour.html
A new program in Sustainable Energy Engineering will be available Fall 2018 or 2019 pending Ministry approval.

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Simon Fraser University - Office of Francophone & Francophile Affairs


Simon Fraser University (SFU) offer programs and courses taught in French, here in British Columbia.

We have options for inservice teachers and options for your students who could be interested in a bilingual post-secondary education.


GRADUATE STUDIES: Graduate Diploma, Master of Education, Doctor of Education.

PRO-D: Professional Learning Series, Bootcamp FrancoFUN.


French Cohort Program, Department of French, Preparation for Teacher Education, Cool Option - Curriculum in the Other Official Language (take elective courses taught in French).

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Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology


The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) is a non-profit established in 1981 to encourage and support young women in STEM career. We offer a range of programs that support teachers by offering in class visits by scientists and science workshop kits. We also promote leadership in young women through youth-led STEM conferences where we offer funding support and guidance. One-on-one mentoring through our eMentoring program allows young women a chance to talk with female professionals in fields of their interest about education and career goals.


Booth 203 Floor Plan

SOGI 123: Making Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Education and Inclusion as Simple as 123


SOGI 1 2 3 is a collaboration of the BC Ministry of EducationBC Teachers' Federation, UBC Faculty of EducationARC Foundation, LGBTQ community organizations and school districts across BC. We are working together to address the immediate need to support marginalized LGBTQ students by affecting rapid and progressive change in attitudes, policies, and practices toward creating safer and more inclusive school environments for all students. Components of the project include web based resources, e-learning tools, and the BC SOGI Educator Network which connects a community of educators trying, learning, sharing and changing schools together.

Booth 419 Floor Plan

SoundKreations Residencies


SoundKreations is an in-school dance program provider that breathes life and relevance into your dance units! 10 Years of serving the School community. 850+ Residencies. 150,000+ smiling students! Through dance forms such as Hip-Hop, West African, and Bollywood Dance, We offer an engaging and socially encouraged method of developing a student’s Physical Literacy and an appreciation for the creative process!

Booth 924 Floor Plan

Spectrum Nasco


Spectrum Nasco’s ten discipline-specific educational catalogues have been instrumental in bringing the classroom to life with products designed with a common purpose – education.   Our catalogues cover Arts & Crafts, Early Years, Elementary Education, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary Science & Technology, Literacy, Physical Education, Special Education, Secondary Mathematics, and Secondary Science.   They contain thousands of products that are used around the world in educating children.   We offer IT based products, plastic manipulatives and thousands of product specific resource books.   We have focused on this discipline specific approach to serve you better.   Each catalogue is supported by an expert and dedicated Catalogue Director whose job it is to focus on that curriculum area and ensure that our product offering is everything you might need.

Booth 1120 Floor Plan


We offer BYOD for schools as well as school supply packages from Staples School Tools.

Booth 202 Floor Plan

Stigma-Free Society


The Stigma-Free Zone movement is a new and exciting initiative that is dedicated to the AWARENESS of
the stigmas that exist in society to help you develop an UNDERSTANDING of the challenges that numerous people face & encourage ACCEPTANCE of yourselves & others.

We offer impacting Stigma-Free Zone classroom presentations in schools and community presentations that stomp out stigma in all organizations that will embrace our values in the Province of B.C. 

We encourage you to understand people’s differences and celebrate their diversity and individuality.

Booth 505 Floor Plan

Strong Nations


We are one of the largest Indigenous book stores in North America with a focus on authentic content for classrooms and libraries. We are happy to work with you to make your selections for all learners.

Booth 1104 Floor Plan

STS Tours


Worldwide Educational Travel Opportunites for teachers and students to bring their classroom learning to life. 

Booth 825 Floor Plan

Studica Ltd


Studica is the education source for software, robotics, technology products and more.  Since 1985, Studica has met the needs of students, educators and schools as the education source for software, technology products and STEM Education.  Major brand offerings include Pitsco, Tetrix, PTC, Unity, fischertechnik, Tormach, Camaster, Roland, IBM, Lumion, XYZprinting, RealityWorks, National Instruments, Adobe, Avid, Unity, Microsoft, Wacom and many more.

Studica is also a proud sponsor and supplier of the international WorldSkills Mobile Robotics Competition, FIRST Robotics Canada, FIRST Tech Challenge, and Skills Canada Robotics Competition.

Booth 120 Floor Plan

Study North BC


Study North BC.ca is a collaborative initiative showcasing the world-class learning opportunities in BC's spectacular Northern region. Participating institutions include the University of Northern BC, College of New Caledonia, Northwest Community College and Northern Lights College. 

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Talonbooks publishes books about and by Canada's Indigenous peoples, drama, poetry, and non-fiction. Our books have won or been nominated for over 300 awards and are widely adopted for high school and univerisity courses.

Booth 1111 Floor Plan

The Classroom Gardener


The Classroom Gardener was developed to support both teachers and students with meaningful place-based learning in outdoor classrooms and school gardens. Our comprehensive program includes professional development for teachers, a robust cross-curriculum resources kit, all necessary supplies for growing and gardening with kids, as well as five seasons of school specific garden coaching with professional growers. Our follow-up activities support playful inquiry outdoors and teach to the big ideas, core and curricular competencies of the B.C. redesigned curriculum. We know the barriers to effective school-yard gardening and have worked through the challenges to provide you with the most comprehensive cross-curricular program available. Scholarships and grant funding is available to support this program in your school. 

Booth 1027 Floor Plan

The Elementary Woodshop


A Technology Education teacher has developed a woodworking program for elementary classrooms. Included are woodworking kits with cross-curricular workbooks for Grades 2-7 to support teachers in delivering successful ADST experiences!

Booth 207 Floor Plan

The Learning Partnership


The Learning Partnership is a national charity dedicated to building stakeholder partnerships to support, promote and advance publicly funded education in Canada. We do this through five key deliverables – innovative student programs, executive leadership for educators, knowledge mobilization and policy, tribute celebrations of excellence and ongoing collaborations across Canada. Since 1993, more than 6.5 million students have participated in The Learning Partnership’s programs.

Booth 1010 Floor Plan

The Psychology Foundation of Canada


The Psychology Foundation of Canada applies the best psychological knowledge to create practical programs and resources helping children become confident, and productive adults. Those resources include "Kids Have Stress Too!" and "Stress Lessons" - a series of learning resources for gr. K-12; parenting resources and well as helping information and online tools for helping adults manage the stress in their lives.

Booth 906 Floor Plan

The Representative for Children and Youth


The Representative for Children and Youth support children and their families in dealing with the provincial child and youth welfare system.

The Representative also provides oversight to this system and makes recommendations to improve it.

The Representative is a non-partisan, independent officer of the Legislature, reporting directly to the Legislative Assembly and not a government ministry.

Booth 321 Floor Plan

THESA - Teachers of Home Economics Specialist Association


THESA works to support Home Economics teachers at all grade levels around the province.  We liase with the BCTF and Ministry of Education on areas of interest, such as curriculum revision and resources, as well as represent Home Economics teachers when there are issues or concerns that relate to our work in the BC. Membership in THESA includes the ability to network with other teachers on our closed facebook page and through our email list, access to our e-newsletter that is published four times a year, and a discounted registration fee for our annual conference.  THESA members may also apply for scholarships for continuing education in a diploma or master's degree program.  In addition, THESA is able to provide resources to support K-6 teachers in delivering the new ADST curriculum at this level.

Drop by our table during the conference, chat with executive members, check out our PR items, and enter the draw for a free THESA membership or a gift basket. We'd love to see you there!

Booth 710 Floor Plan

Tilley Education


We offer print and online learning resources for primary, elementary and secondary teachers, including ESL, English, International Baccalaureate (IB), Social studies and the Sciences.

Booth 821 Floor Plan

Tinkerine Studios


Tinkerine offers complete 3D printing solutions for all of your classroom needs.  Our DittoPro is a desktop 3D printer that uses materials that are safe for classrooms.  Focusing on education led us to create and develop TinkerineU, a free online educational platform which provides resources to aid teachers in incorporating 3D printing into their ADST curriculum.  

Booth 610 Floor Plan

Tradewind Books


Tradewind Books publishes award-winning picture books, chapter books, poetry and young adult novels celebrating stories, authors and illustrators from diverse communities and cultures.

Booth 903 Floor Plan

Two Read Books


Two Read Books is a small, independent publishing company. We specialize in creating phonics storybooks for 6–9 year olds who are learning to read and who have dyslexia or struggle with another language-based learning difficulty. Our books contain stories written at an older child’s cognitive level but at an early reading level. The books are for educational and home markets.

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Booth 111 Floor Plan

UBC Faculty of Education


UBC’s Faculty of Education is one of the leading faculties of its kind in the world, advancing educational research and understanding of teaching and learning in a way that celebrates diversity, equity and innovation. We deliver relevant, innovative and accessible professional learning programs for teachers across the province with face-to-face, online and district-based offerings.

Develop expertise in your chosen specialization or develop new skills and qualifications based in current and emerging trends in education. Engage your professional learning plan with a summer institute, diploma or graduate degree program.

Booth 909 Floor Plan

UBC Press


UBC Press publishes widely in the social sciences, including books on Indigenous and LGBTQ+ education as well as representing Pacific Educational Press' titles.

UBC Press also distributes Jessica Kingsley Publishers in Canada. JKP publishes education titles for students on the autism spectrum and with other learning challenges.

Booth 509 Floor Plan

United Library Services


United Library Services is a full-service book wholesaler to schools and public libraries in western Canada with a warehouse in Burnaby.  Carrying over 13,000 titles in stock and everyday discounts of up to 25%, ULS offers an extensive selection of books for students from Pre-School to Grade 12. Special inventory includes Top New Titles, Award Winners, First Nations, Metis, Inuit and French language books.  Special selections of materials to match the new BC curriculum are also available in Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and French.  Free shipping for all orders!

Booth 116 Floor Plan

University of British Columbia


The University of British Columbia is made up of two campuses. UBC’s Vancouver campus is located on the traditional, ancestral, unceded territory of the Musqueam people, and its Okanagan campus is located on the territory of the Syilx Okanagan Nation. For generations, these lands have been a place of teaching and learning for Aboriginal peoples – a tradition that continues to this day.


UBC is BC’s largest and oldest University and is ranked among the top 2 universities in Canada and top 40 best universities in the world. The University has been long recognized as a leader in Aboriginal higher education with over 30 Indigenous Faculty members and over 175 courses with significant Indigenous content. These professors are undertaking unique and original research and bringing this new knowledge into the classroom.


Aboriginal students at UBC receive priority access to housing and eligibility for dedicated awards and scholarships (in addition to all of the general university awards and scholarships). We also have dedicated financial advisors for Aboriginal students who can help you develop a financial plan as well as Aboriginal specific academic advisors in many faculties.


Website: http://you.ubc.ca/aboriginal


Email: aboriginal.recruitment@ubc.ca



Booth 508 Floor Plan

Usborne Books at Home


Usborne provides quality, educational and fun books for kids of all ages!  Our books are durable and stand up to classroom use, provide internet links and are up-to-date!

Booth 1016 Floor Plan



Publishers of history timelines and other educational wallcharts for social studies and science classrooms.

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Booth 220 Floor Plan

VanArts - Vancouver Institute of Media Arts


VanArts offers a variety of highly focused 12 month diploma programs designed to prepare students for work in specific areas of the media arts:


Booth 218 Floor Plan

Vancouver Animation school


We offer a blended learning solution for Visual Arts teachers to expand the media they use in the classroom using our expertise in the Animation, Visual Effects and Video Games industries. No prior experience in these fields on the part of the teacher is required. Harnessing the power of ubiquitous learning for this Millennial generation, our online platform enables a teacher to deliver high quality classes in media at the cutting edge of Visual Arts.

Booth 1102 Floor Plan

Vancouver International Children's Festival


A door prize (Children's Festival tickets - family 4 pack) and a prize draw at our booth (10 school tickets). 2018 Festival Teacher Brochure and general Festival information (study guides, etc.). (Tickets for school groups for our 2018 Festival will go on sale in early November 2017)


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Booth 307 Floor Plan



Watermelonworks™ is a Canadian company that specializes in French phonemic awareness tools.  French Sounds is a patented methodology designed to decode French language for all students to succeed.

Watermelonworks™ offers:

  • hands-on games - sound games, consonant game, word games, Sound BINGO
  • eBooks - sound books that read to you when clicked
  • SMART files - games with sound for class activities
  • wall charts - ranging from alphabet to anchor sound charts
  • Sound mats - reproducible

Combined, these tools are effective for guided reading, listening centres, and reading remediation. In developing a solid foundation with French Sounds, students will develop strong oral, listening, and writing skills because they will have the tools to know how to decode to successfully master the French language.  From phonemic awareness to the art of reading, these tools level the playing field for all students to achieve in French language class.

French Sounds games were originally designed for a dyslexic student who needed to find a way to succeed. This method proves that all may have successful outcomes in learning.

These products are useful for the French immersion primary (jk-3), extended (gr5) and core French (gr 4-6) classrooms to become proficient lifelong language learners with a desire to continue French studies in high school and beyond.

#fsl #frimm #SpecEd #inclusive #french #laconsciencephonologique #phonemicawareness #fls #patented

Booth 211 Floor Plan

WE Schools / WE Day


As an educational partner of 25+ school districts and the BC Ministry of Education, the WE Schools program provides educators and students with free curriculum, educational resources and a full calendar of action campaign ideas. Through WE Schools, students gain an understanding of the root causes of pressing issues like hunger, poverty and lack of education, and explore what they can do to help. They also plan at least one local and one global action to improve their community and the world. To celebrate their participation in the program, students attend WE Day, our free concert-style celebration in Vancouver. https://www.we.org/we-schools/program/

Booth 1126 Floor Plan

West Wind Hardwood Inc


West Wind Hardwood is a family run business for the past 30 years providing a speciality woods & plywoods program with a buget for the learning institutions across BC 

Booth 409 Floor Plan

Western Campus Resources


Are you tired of rising book prices? Western Campus Resources helps you fight back.

SAVE 35% on NEW NOVELS everyday. The 35% savings applies to single or multiple copies of almost all English-language fiction published in Canada.

SAVE UP TO 75% on USED TEXTBOOKS. Visit www.WesternCampus.ca to browse our broad selection of budget-friendly used texts.

You can SAVE 35% off Canadian list prices on most NEW NOVELS.

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Middle, Secondary and Higher educational science supplies and equipment including lab furniture, lab consumables (gloves, chemicals, specimens, glassware etc) and a full range of lab equipment (microscopes, balances, hot plates, fume hoods etc)

Westlab's vision is based on creativity, speed and being your hassle free science supplier.

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Wilson School of Design at KPU


The Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University is a leader in design education, playing a significant role in shaping the design leaders of tomorrow. Located on Canada’s spectacular West Coast, the Wilson School of Design offers seven unique programs through certificate, diploma, bachelor’s degree, and post-baccalaureate qualifications. With its purposefully small class sizes, hands-on learning approaches, faculty expertise, direct connection with industry and advanced technological resources, the School of Design instills a deep understanding of design thinking and the design process. Programs include fashion design & technology, fashion marketing, interior design, product design, foundations in design, graphic design for marketing and technical apparel. The highly anticipated opening of the Wilson School of Design's new, state-of-the-art building is expected to be launched in January 2018, adjacent to the existing KPU Richmond campus, just steps from the train station (Lansdowne).

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Through its Young and New Worker Program, WorkSafeBC provides resources to educators that help students meet the learning outcomes around occupational health and safety in schools. The resources we provide help teachers and students in the classroom and help to prepare youth for their lives outside of school -- in particular, giving them the awareness of workplace hazards and of their rights and responsibilities when they start their first jobs. As an exhibitor at the PSA Conference, we are happy to share these resources, as well as promote our 2018 Student Safety Video Contest, where winning entries are awarded cash prizes for students and their schools. We are also happy to share resources to support workplace safety for teachers and other school staff.

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Yabla is an online foreign language immersion 'workbook' that uses authentic content and a unique video player to improve students' listening comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling. Every student has their own login, and teachers can assign activities, set goals, and monitor student performance. 

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Zen Maker Lab


Zen Maker Lab is a North Vancouver based, education focused maker lab and STEAM curriculum developer primarily serving the Lower Mainland and British Columbia. Operating since 2013, we have offered successful after school programs, a daytime maker academy, spring and summer camps and in-school programs and we help schools and school districts set up maker labs and we provide teacher training. We also have a mobile maker lab that can come on site to schools, libraries, community centres etc. to deliver turnkey, maker tech programs and to repair maker tech equipment. Our focus is high quality, industry-based STEAM education (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics). Our instructors are active in cutting edge industry (we are attached to a tech incubator) and also all have a passion for education, especially personalized, innovative project based learning. We also do engineering service work and 3D printer repair. We are a neutral, value added re-seller for a number of different maker tech equipment and curriculum providers so we can provide objective recommendations for schools and districts for best getting their needs met.