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Spotlight Keynote

The Rewilding Revolution: Reconnecting Humanity With Nature In The 21st Century Environmental Connections

Recent studies underline our physical and psychological need for nature, as well as the power of experiential, place-based learning. The current gap between children and nature threatens the health of our youth and the places they live. Ecological sustainability—humanity living in a mutually enhancing relationship with the rest of nature—may well be impossible unless people care for their native places. Yet here in the high-tech 21st Century, we’ve become more alienated from nearby nature than ever before. At this perilous moment in history, how can we broker a new human-nature relationship, one that embraces both technology and the natural world? The answer, says Scott Sampson, is a rewilding revolution that transforms our cities into high tech, nature-rich places rooted in place-based learning. In this presentation, Sampson outlines the key elements of this revolution, and describes the critical role of educators.

Target Audience
Applicable to all (e.g. K-12)

Scott Sampson

Scott Sampson is a dinosaur paleontologist, science communicator, and passionate advocate for reimagining cities as places where people and nature thrive. He has published numerous scientific and popular articles, and regularly speaks to audiences of all ages on topics ranging from dinosaurs and education to sustainability and connecting kids with nature. He currently serves as the President and CEO of Science World British Columbia in Vancouver, BC.  Scott has appeared in many television documentaries and served as a science advisor for a variety of media projects, most recently the BBC movie, Walking With Dinosaurs. He has also authored multiple books for children and adults, including Dinosaur Odyssey: Fossil Threads in the Web of Life, and How to Raise a Wild Child: The Art and Science of Falling in Love with Nature. He is perhaps best known, however, as “Dr. Scott,” host and science advisor of the Emmy-nominated PBS KIDS television series Dinosaur Train, produced by the Jim Henson Company.

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Science World


Combating fake news with critical literacy tools for the 21st century

by Ron Darvin

Fake news has become a catch-all term for everything from hoaxes to conspiracy theories and junk science. Sadly, it has also become a term to refer to news that people just don’t want to hear or don’t agree with. In this “post-truth” world, it becomes easier for us to rely on what feels right, rather than to figure out what is right, and emotions rather than facts can shape public opinion.

Simply defined however fake news is fabricated, deceptive or distorted information meant to mislead the public. It has consequences and important implications for whom we elect, the laws we pass, and the kinds of choices we make in our lives. Without the right critical tools, our students can become not only victims of fake news, but also promoters of it by indiscriminately sharing things online.

Fake news isn’t new. Since the invention of the printing press and the camera, fake news about everything from sea monsters to dancing fairies has been designed to fool people. With technology however, it’s become a lot easier for people to create subtly deceptive stories, imitate news formats, and distribute them to a general public. Motivations for fake news can be political or personal. Others do it to get their five minutes of fame; while for some, fake news is a business. Digital ads generate profits, and websites with sensational fake news are paid for every click that they get.

How can we help students detect fake news when they read stuff online? It’s important to arm them with critical literacy strategies that let them pay attention to verbal and visual clues. This includes examining URLs or domain names, Twitter handles, logos, writing styles, and webpage design. Critical readers in the 21st century need to read not just horizontally by scrolling down, but laterally, that is, by opening tabs and googling sources.

Parents need to recognize that kids of this generation have two worlds: offline and online. If before, they’d ask their child “How was school today?” now they also have to learn more about their child's online lives. What have they seen on Snapchat or Instagram? Anything interesting they’ve read on Buzzfeed? To role model critical literacy, parents need to understand, themselves, how information is disseminated on the internet, and to socialize their children into recognizing legitimate sources of information.

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    Session D

  • Friday 3:45-5:00 pm

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  • Friday 6:30-10:30 pm

    Social Event @ Telus World of Science

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Schedule At A Glance

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Social Event

  • Friday, October 20, 6:30-10:30 pm
  • Doors open at 6 pm
  • $12 per ticket - Limited tickets left. Get yours now!
  • Telus World of Science - 1455 Quebec Street - Vancouver, BC - V6A 3Z7

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Super Conference is a celebration of the BC Teachers' Federations' (BCTF) hundredth year. It is the collaborative effort of 25 Provincial Specialist Associations (PSAs) to host 6000 participants, hundreds of workshops, over 30 keynotes, and over 275 presenters in downtown Vancouver. This amazing conference would not be possible without the extraordinary teachers who volunteer outside of their regular work to be an executive member on the following PSAs:

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